Where sanity meets the sea

Rainy Tuesday evening here in the land of sanity, California. Thinking about my talent is something to be thankful for. Sounds boastful, but really isn’t. I love to create things out of other things that on the surface look complicated. I have over 33 hours of interviews for an hour and a half of video time. I’m not sure what the ratio is, but its big. The challenge is to find a narrative inside those hours of interviews that is coherent. Then finding just the right pictures and just the right music to drop into the soundtrack comes next. I am almost finished with the first video which traces the origins of Jesuit education from Sicily to the present. Where to begin? At the beginning? Probably. Then what…so a little bit of thinking, walking away from the computer, coming back and listening to a story again to hear it speak to me. Bingo! The story emerges and the rest is just finding complimentary stories that make the whole video make sense.

So why to be thankful for creativity? Well for one, if I didn’t have this video project I wouldn’t have met all those wonderful people on the criss-crossing of this country by car earlier this month who gave of their time and talent to chat with me on camera (and off). I would have flown to get it done early, but seeing the country from ground level is on my bucket list so I missed all those intimate pat downs and foreplay at the airports. Without the project, I wouldn’t have heard stories. I wouldn’t have seen things. I wouldn’t have seen some of the most beautiful rest stops in America; friendly and gorgeous places to pee. Then to have Kathy (with a “k”) type out all the conversations from the tapes, putting in the frame numbers as she went, I probably wouldn’t have had time to write this tonite. But I do because she did. So thanks for that.

Ah thanksgiving…the Indians gave us wild turkey and maze and we gave them smallpox.

and so it goes…