when all around you...
This week, at least for the next few days I thought I’d write about things I am thankful for. I think I have enough material for three days since I’ll probably not write on Thursday, but be back on Friday if you’re keeping count. I just don’t want you to wonder if I passed away when I don’t publish anything. OK? I think this article is #218 since I started at the end of December last year. Except for a two week hiatus, I’ve been pretty consistent.

So lets get funky and talk “thanks.” I would like to thank all who have commented on the articles that I have written over the last months. Here is a recent sample.

“When I read a good article I go ahead and do one of three thing:1.Show it to all the relevant friends.2.keep it in some of the best bookmarking sites.3.Make sure to return to the blog where I read the post.After reading this article I am really [sic]concidering going ahead and doing all 3!”

Signed “kitchen remodeling”

I would like to thank “kitchen” (may I call you “kitchen”) for the comments you made on several of my articles in the last few weeks. I’m not sure where you are, but I’m sure Mr and Mrs Remodeling are very proud of your words (and spelling). To tell you the truth, I am glad when any spammer takes the time to go beyond the “nice article” or “well done” and writes a moving response that seem to take time. I wish I could get to know “kitchen” and “Myron” and “forex brokers” and “Avalanche hockey jerseys” better. They seem like a nifty group of people. If these got through the spam filter, I just wonder what the rest say. Thank you Akismet.

Sure I have better things to do than reading through the comments that are adverts for something else, but sometimes, when I strip the website links off the comment they sound pretty good. And really, who knows the difference.

Let me know this week what you are thankful for. Just comment and you can even sign your name “kitchen” and I won’t mind.

and so it goes…