Yeah, I wish it was that big

It’s time to jump in the “way-back-machine” and travel to September of 2006. Remember when the democrats suggested a draw down of troops in Iraq and they were excoriated by Mitch McConnell thusly:“The Democrat[ic] leadership finally agrees on something — unfortunately it’s retreat.” This came on the heels of a letter from democrats to Bush to reduce troop levels. McConnell sited cut and run several times. Told the American people that al-Qaeda would follow us home, you know the usual clap trap we are accustomed to from the Republicans. Fear mongering and anti-patriotic labeling are hallmarks of the morally bankrupt leadership of this once proud political party. Well while this was going on in public, something else was going on in the background. You see high-minded Mitch met with President Bush that same month, according to Bush’s memoir asking the president to do the same thing. Why, because the war was costing too many lives and treasure? Or that Iraq was sliding into a sectarian civil war? Nah, those are too high and mighty reasons. No, he wanted “to bring [home] some troops from Iraq” so that Republicans would do well in the November elections. Plain and simple. Bring the troops home so the republicans could post gains in the elections. Anything to get elected. Needless to say, Bush didn’t heed the suggestion and sent even more troops into harms way, and the Republicans lost badly.

U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, KY-D-3rd District, was highly critical of McConnell’s request, and regular old analysts said they were stunned by Bush’s revelation in his book.

“If the story is true, Sen. McConnell will have to explain to the families of all the men and women who sacrificed in Iraq why he was willing to play politics with their lives,” Yarmuth, who was elected in 2006, said in an interview.

What is intriguing about all of this is the lack of denial from McConnell’s office. I guess he feels like the issue will blow over and quietly go away. Considering the attention span of the typical republican and their lack of historical reference, it probably will. The other alternative is to call the former president a liar. I guess down deep, Mitch really knows that the war in Iraq was not to keep us safe so it would have been OK to bring some of the troops home. What was he thinking? The only word that comes to mind is hypocrisy, major hypocrisy. But then, why should I be surprised?

and so it goes…