I suppose you are wondering why I didn’t publish yesterday. Well the answer is simple, I was actually working for a change. I spent the whole day filming “b-roll” shots as cutaways from the interviews,as well as two interviews with students at St. Ignatius prep. It was great seeing some of my former students, some whom I haven’t seen since they were sophomores. Next year will be the first year that no student will know me. That’s probably the way it should be anyway. So the day was productive. Some background on the project if you followed my journey across the U.S. I am working on a series of short videos (30 min each) to be used in Jesuit high schools around the country and Canada. These videos will be used in new-teacher orientation and are aimed at staff/teachers who have little knowledge of the traditions of Jesuit education and/or little or no knowledge of Ignatian Spirituality.

The project is tentatively entitled “Companions”. The first film is called “Finding God in All Things” the roots of Jesuit education and how the Jesuits got into schools in the first place and how they became successful. The title of the second video, “Men and women with and for others” come from an address by Pedro Arrupe, S.J. back in 1973 and focused on the imperative of getting involved in Social Justice issues. This video dispels the lazy-assed and ignorant version of “social justice” spouted by the anti-intellectual and self-serving Glenn Beck. The third video focuses on the future of Jesuit schools when they may become devoid of Jesuits. The challenge is how to keep the Ignatian spirit alive when a high school or university no longer has Jesuits. So far I have a little over 32 hours of interviews that I have collected over the past few months. My wife has typed out all the interviews and the editing process is in full swing. On each video, I need to present a coherent story which will lead to a discussion or conversation to those who watch them. That’s the goal. I should have the first cut of video 1 by Thanksgiving. That’s my own personal deadline so it will get me off my butt and get me working.

So there we are… and so it goes…