Messing with Texas? Of course, we are California and especially Northern California and especially San Francisco! The home of Nancy Pelsosi, Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown. A trifecta in the making. What a thrill to watch Tim Lincecum and Brian Wilson (no not THAT Brian Wilson) tied up the Texas Rangers in knots and brought a long long drought to an exciting end. Baseball, whether you are watching or playing is a game of skill, luck, frustration, more frustration and patience. Did I mention patience? Kinda like watching elections. Oh yeah, get off your butt and go and vote for your country.

When I was in 7th grade (oh here he goes again. walking through the snow, barefoot and backwards uphill both ways), anyway it was tax day in 1958 and I went to the parade down Market St. welcoming the former New York Giants into the embrace of the City by the Bay becoming the San Francisco Giants. True the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock and the Declaration of Independence was signed in one of them New England states, but the country west of the Mississippi sparked by the Gold Rush, television and numerous discoveries had a right to a major league baseball franchise. How about San Francisco?

S.F. was the hub of shipping and the arts and and and a bunch of other stuff. So the West Coast got two teams from the East Coast, specifically New York, the Dodgers and the Giants. Much to the chagrin of New Yorkers and much to the joy of San Franciscans and Angelenos. What a thrill for a small person to watch the heroes from far far away New York ride down Market Street as newly minted San Francisco heroes. And the parade? It was a sunny day that April when the cars slowly made their way under the banners (black and orange), Willie Mays was waving I’m sure directly at me of course. It was hard to see because I was so short, but I was trying to catch their eye. The future looked bright. A World Series was just right around the corner wasn’t it?

Say hey!
The right around the corner would wait until I was a senior in high school in 1962 when on the last day of the season the two west coast teams, Dodgers and Giants arrived in a dead heat for first place. What? After so many games two teams arrived at the exactly the same place? Yes, and now for a playoff. I forget if it was three games or what and I think the Dodgers and the Giants had 1 game each. On the day of the clincher game I walked down from the old St. Ignatius High school to get an ordered haircut. I was sitting in the barber chair watching. BINGO in the 9th inning from L.A. a rally put the Giants on top. I leaped out of the chair with half a haircut and ran outside and began yelling. My voice was joined with others who were out on the curb as well. What a thrill. We were going to meet the storied New York Yankees in our first World Series. Seven games, the rain and rain and rain. Then…Bobby Richardson’s catch in the 7th game at Candlestick off of Willie McCovey line drive. It was over. I was in the bleacher’s after, yes, cutting school to go to the 7th game. We all stood up as the ball cracked off McCovey’s bat beginning to cheer. Then sat down as quickly and sat in silence as Richardson’s glove took a championship and legitimacy away from San Francisco. Bummer. Wait till next year, etc etc etc… Well you know the rest of the story, the “Battle of the Bay” in 1989 including an earthquake, and of course 2002 against the Angels…But patience paid off last night in Texas. The Giants are World Series Champions…God that sounds good. sounds real good. The wait till next years are this year. Black and Orange is the new, black and white. And while you are at it…go out and vote.

and so it goes