Cliff Lee, Human Being

What a delight, heart stopping delight, to watch the Giants dismantle the Texas superman, Cliff Lee. He seems like a nice fellow not terribly full of himself with a pitching arsenal that would rival some of the best in the history of baseball. Last night, as you watched, as I watched, we saw that baseball is a crazy unpredictable game…emphasis on “game.” Lee came into the game with a 7-0 record and a 1.26 ERA in postseason play. We were doomed I tell you, doomed! Yet the 2-2 tie didn’t last long. The wheels came off, errors abounded and our Giants turned in a 11-7 rout. Of course, it wasn’t as easy as the final score reveals. It never is with this team.

“I was trying to make adjustments,” Lee said. “I was up. I was down. I was in. I was out. I was trying to find it, and I was never really consistent with what I was doing.” No excuses. No pointing the finger at the umpire or his teammates. He took responsibility for his own pitching last night. How refreshing. That’s the game of baseball isn’t it. Ups and downs, ins and outs. The honesty of the game is something which should pervade in other areas of the U.S. from the board rooms, to the halls of congress. Take responsibility. The Giants win messy because life is messy. Life isn’t always black and white, sometimes it is black and orange.

and so it goes…