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They may not have a health plan. Or a jobs plan. Or a peace plan. But they do have a plan. We now know what the Republican plan for 2011 is from the mouth of Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, make sure Obama does not get a second term. It’s neat and easy for the T-Party to digest. What a great simplistic approach to helping the people of this country deal with the pervasive problems confronting them! By focusing on confronting every issue designed to mitigate these problems and voting “no” (like they have for the past 20+ months) they are telling the American people, “hang on for another 2 years then everything will be all right. We’ll be back.” You know the old adage, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. This is their approach in spades. Rather than looking forward to help solve problems for us, they are standing still and maintaining their desire to control the agenda from the “good old days”. Trouble is, they have no positive forward-looking agenda except a status quo from years ago which has helped put us in our present financial mess. Opposition is healthy sometimes to force the other side to clarify and debate, but the Republican/T-Partiers only have the mirror in front of their faces and cannot see that we are all in this together, rich and poor. Their opposition is “take no prisoners, me first.” Next Tuesday, the balance in Congress will probably shift so that McConnell’s plan of “do nothing but assure Obama only has one term” will bear fruit. This is not only not good for the country, it is insensitive and unpatriotic. At this time in our history, I don’t think we can afford this type of “manning up.” And the money involved….woooo-weeee!

But what do we get for the money? Well, since the “Citizens United” debacle from the Supremes, corporations as individuals can buy time on TV and put whatever they want against a candidate short of slander, even if the message is full of  blatant, provable lies. Take for example the race in Connecticut where the opposition to incumbent Chris Murphy claims that if you don’t buy health insurance you will do jail time. Who’s going to counter this slime? Who does the fact-checking? And do people believe this crap? Eventually all this needs to be worked out and changed or faceless companies with huge pockets can choke out the voice of the people. Individuals will continue to donate to a campaign but outside money is muddying the waters. A group (read oblique corporation) from Indiana can run ads in Georgia hiding the money trail. You and I have a collective responsibility to ferret out the truth, or we get what “they” pay for. Why is it important to know the source of these phantom monies? It helps to color and explain the message. Think about it.

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