Honda at Warp 2

One of the funniest (in retrospect) incidents that happened on the last leg of my criss-cross journey of America, was on I-5 just south of Redding. Now you have to remember that I had been traveling for over 6000 miles without incident with a state trooper, hi-way patrol or city police. I was very careful and my eagle-eye could see down long stretches of road ready to spot a car parked on the divider facing in my direction. I would take my foot off the accelerator and bring the Starship-Honda down from warp 5 to warp 3 in a natural way. As many of you know, who live in California, some of the CHP cars are white and hard to spot unless one gets right up beside them. Since I had been driving for 3 1/2 weeks, it was great to give up that chore to Sarah, my daughter and try to rest a bit. She took over in Medford and proceeded to drive South over the border into California. By the time we got to Redding we were doing 75-80 mph in the fast lane, going (as I would have said to a cop “with the flow” of traffic). We were chatting away and the traffic was moderately heavy so she slowed down a bit and passed several cars, one of them being a white CHP. On the passenger side of the car I saw the letters “California Highway Patrol” as we passed. I told Sarah calmly and she took her inherited “lead foot” off the accelerator. Too late, immediately he pulled behind us and turned on his flashers. Back and forth across the United States and not so much as a nod from troopers, and now we were going to get a ticket for speeding in California. She pulled over and parked on a bridge and the loud speaker from the patrol car told us to move off the bridge. In no time, the officer casually walked up to my side of the car and asked for license and registration and proof of insurance. He then went back to his car for a few minutes and Sarah and I chatted that she had never gotten a speeding ticket. She didn’t seem upset and I certainly wasn’t because I wasn’t driving. This was going to be a new adventure for her, she thought. Sadly, though, he came back to my window and handed everything back and said “This is just a warning…slow down.” She slowly (like an old lady) pulled back into traffic and we continued on our way. Just like that. I’m not sure why or how we ducked a bullet but we did.

And on the home front? Don’t forget to get out and vote. If you are pro-business vote democratic not so much for the bottom line for investors, but for the jobs that will be yanked from overseas and offered here where they belong. If you just want to maintain and increase the bottom line with no thought or care of how profits are gained, then stick with the Republicans. More later….

and so it goes…