The Gorge
Wonderful drive down I-90 missing 395 so staying on I-90 till Ellensburg and down I-82 getting off at 97S towards Wapato and Toppinish (Just because I like to say those town names, and threw in White Swan as well). I know I have to get back on I-5 to I-80 tomorrow, but today I wanted to slow down and see the scenery. Instead of taking I-84 to go on the Oregon side of the Columbia River gorge, I decided to take Washington 14 which took me down the Washington side of the gorge. Totally different landscape. Magnificent view of Mt Hood, plus rock formations and little accessible towns along the way and I had fun keeping up with the trains. Unlike the interstates where there are long long straight roads, Hiway 12 had twists and turns so it was hard for me to shoot pictures. I did my best, but the two lane road was not cooperating.

I arrived in Portland just in time to see Sarah off to work. It’s just me with two dogs waiting for the game from San Francisco to get going. I’ll probably go over to her pub for a bite later. I leave for the Bay Area at the ass-crack of dawn tomorrow. Only 650 miles…piece of cake.

and so it goes…