Custer died for our sins

(Billings, MT) Left the rez at around 7 am this morning. After about ten minutes trying to get the frost off my windshield I was off towards California, the hard way, through Spokane. The trip through South Dakota was magnificent with the rising sun behind me. The only bad patch came as I left the reservation on US-18. They are tearing up the whole road, not just one lane at a time, the whole freaking road.

By the time I got to the Black Hills it had warmed up a bit and the scenery was breath-taking. I was visited across the empty road by deer and an occasional real live buffalo. I finally arrived in Deadwood with 15 minutes to spare before they took the breakfast buffet down at Tin Lizzie’s Casino. It wasn’t real good but it wasn’t bad either. The coffee was great and I know coffee.

I made a special trip up to Mount Moriah Cemetery above Deadwood to visit some old friends, Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane and Seth Bullock. It was sunny but chilly on the mountain but it was well worth it. Then it was off to as far as I could go at 80+ mph straight across Wyoming constantly looking in my rear view mirror for Dick Cheney and those flying monkeys from the Wizard of OZ.

Plowing along and crossing into Montana I saw signs that said “Little Bighorn Battlefield” and bingo I was thrown back to 1876 when the 7th Calvary under Gen. George Custer battled the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne and Arapaho. It was a major victory for native Americans. Even though I did not get the same feeling about the event as I got at Wounded Knee. Maybe it’s because at the Little Bighorn both sides were armed. It was a good day. Rolled into Billings late so I decided to hang for the nite.

…and so it goes…