Onawa, Iowa
(Onawa, Iowa) – In my journey across these United States I’ve gone via I-80 and I-70 Then I-80 and a bunch of US highways in between, I am now in Onowa, Iowa off I-29. I took I-29 two weeks ago to get on the highway towards DC. Onowa is real small town America and there only a smattering of lawn signs. Well, just remember, with the Democrats you will get tax and spend (on good stuff and balanced budget reducing the deficit) and with the Republicans you won’t get taxed, but they will spend (with borrowed money). So you can make an informed decision. – The forgoing was a public service announcement.

Speaking of decisions, a lot of this stuff can be swept away for a moment while we focus on the miracle of rescue and reunification happening in Chile. How amazing is it to watch the faces of, not politicians, but family members reunited with their dads, brothers, boyfriends trapped a half mile under the earth for two months. Watch them. If you haven’t yet, watch them. It will put into clear perspective just how precious life is and the strength of the bond of love as a life-giver. Politics will go on and on, as the second oldest profession. Some days we will win and other days they will win. But what is happening in Chile is a win with no loss. Go hug a friend.

and so it goes…