Is that your girlfriend?

I’ve been a busy bee. That’s why there was no posting yesterday. I was knackered, wiped out, no energy. Speaking of no energy…no one gets or gives an inch when it comes to traffic.  My Google Map directions were terrific from Cumberland to almost but not quite D.C. They didn’t mention I-270 into Washington would be bumper to bumper to bumper. Literally speaking it took nearly an hour to go 2 miles. Didn’t they know I was coming? And I was in the express lane. Now I understand when people say government is too big. All the plates I saw were Maryland and I had numerous opportunities to make new friends in the “gridlock” of the interstate. When I finally found the George Washington Parkway my bladder was about to burst. TMI? Perhaps, but it was a fact. The Parkway winds through a forest which for me was both a pleasant surprise and a welcome relief. I turned into a camping spot and picked a tree. It wasn’t even a sin… Once I got into the city everyone zeroed in on my California license plate and beeped me for no good reason.

Gonzaga College High School was my base. I have to say from the onset that they have been very welcoming. The school is about 4 or 5 blocks from the Capitol building which is pretty cool. I didn’t have a lot of time yesterday to fiddle but I did manage to walk to Capitol Hill. Behind it is the Supreme Court and across from that the Library of Congress. Impressive buildings and tons of security. I have a feeling they were all looking at me.

This morning I was roused from a deep sleep by drums banging on the football field. It was a rally for the game tonite against someone, somewhere. Great interview this morning here at the high school. I found out that  a lot of famous people went to this school and offspring of the famous. The Quayle kids went here as well as the son of the director of the CIA. I can imagine that daytime security at the school was pretty good during those years. Lots of Presidents have come to St. Aloysius church right next door, none of my favorites of course.

I had scheduled an interview over at Georgetown U for 2 pm and had great directions to the University from the Rector here. I gave myself plenty of time for the cross town journey. Of course anyone you ask here at the school will give you a different way to get there. I made pretty good time and arrived with plenty of time to spare when I realized I had left the camera back at the high school. I took a deep breath (after I cursed myself) and turned around fighting more traffic picked up the camera and jammed back in reasonable time. The interview went well. The fastest hour so far, maybe because it was interesting.

Time to back up and head for New York, sort of kind of. Not sure when my welcome will actually be worn out here, but I’ll wait until tomorrow to make that decision. My next interview is on Monday at 1pm in Manhattan. Until then… see you Monday

…and so it goes…