Sitting here in Columbia, Missouri thinking about whether to pack the car now or wait until 4 am to pack up. While I’m thinking I’m eating my free hot dog and meatballs provided by this hotel. Yes. This is a nice little town and I am debating whether its the town I don’t want to leave or its the hotel I don’t want to leave.

Hey what’s this I hear that foreign corporations are funding some of the $75 million the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is spending to defeat Democrats this election cycle. What’s the deal? Oh, yeah, the “Citizen’s United” case decided by the Supreme Court. People laughed when the decision came down when I said that foreign corporations and or countries would pour money into our elections. Well folks, it has. Check out Think Progress for the info. Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce a butt load of money is coming in from outside to defeat any Dem. It turns out to be a huge money-laundering scam. Just so you know. The Chamber is fighting the disclose act after saying they wanted to be transparent.

And so it goes…