A very nice place to pee in Missouri
Long trip from North Platte to Columbia about 490 miles give or take. Not much to report. Most of the journey was uneventful except playing tag with the semi’s who are going as fast as I am. Lots of repairs (your tax dollars at work) on the Interstates. I’ve been plugging along on I-80 off and on. Then turned south at Omaha towards KC catching up with I-70 the Eisenhower Hiway (you remember him, he was one of the last “real” Republicans, you know, the ones who really put country first) heading towards D.C. and my “date” with a Jesuit scholar at Georgetown. I may drop over to the Obama’s and see what’s up.

Im here in Columbia at the Drury Inn. What a cool place. Not only do they carry MSNBC (you cannot get enough truth I always say) but…wait for it…they serve a free dinner as well. Since I only had a Snickers bar on the road, they had hotdogs, baked potatoes, chicken things and chips and dip. Awesome. I went back several times. mmmmm…

Oh by the way…Obama has found his voice for the mid-terms. Be patient progressives. Don’t forget to get out and vote with these two words ringing in your ears…Speaker Boehner (do we really want these guys to run the government?)

and so it goes….