Jason and Britany
Yeah I know, it doesn’t seem that far on a map but it is, especially for an old fart…roughly 500+ miles along I-80 and I-25. Great stuff to see along the way though. Check out the photo album with the same title. Fascinating little towns and magnificent scenery. As some of you know, I love trains and I got an eyeful today. Long long trains being pulled and pushed by several locomotives across the prairie through little towns like Green River and Rawlins in Wyoming. The ride out of Salt Lake was also beautiful climbing into the mountains to the high desert/prairie. I didn’t realize it but at one point in the slow journey I reached nearly 8,000 feet. Can someone tell me why I crossed the continental divide twice? Maybe I misread the sign.

I did stop in Laramie Wyoming at the Fireside Lounge, a seedy and now closed bar where Matthew Shepard was seen for the last time before he was killed in October of 1998. I stood in front of the place lost in thought before I hopped in the car drove to Cheyenne and turned right for Denver.

When I arrived in Denver I had been invited to stay at a former teacher friend of mine, Jason who graciously offered to put me up. His neighbor Britany came over for dinner and we had a few good laughs. She wants to be a cook/chef who shows up in her truck and cooks for whomever wants healthy and different fast foods. Sort of like a ninja.

I will be at Jason’s school tomorrow to interview him and a few others for the video project. I am still debating if I will push on towards Washington and New York. Hell I’m halfway there any way. Right now it is late (Mountain Time) so before I make even less sense I am going to bed.

and so it goes…