The Temple

(Salt Lake City) – I cannot believe my luck. I am actually at a hotel (Hampton) here in Salt Lake City that not only has Comedy Central but also…wait for it…M*S*N*B*C! The hotel’s channel list helps me forget I was staying at hotels in a third world 1984 country. Sorry Nevada, Oregon and Washington. I do love my dose of truth on the TV box. It almost makes me want to live in Salt Lake, almost, if it just wasn’t for Prop. 8 but I digress…

One of the first things I did when I arrived late this afternoon from Fernley was to visit the Vatican of the Mormon Church, Temple Square a ground zero Temple a few blocks from the State Capitol building. No shame?? I have to say up front that I thought the Sanctuary was going to be bigger but the people I ran into (and there were many) were very friendly and smiley. A little like a cross between “Big Love” and normal. Lots of black coats, white shirts and black ties. They wandered around answering visitor questions and constantly smiling. They catch your eye and smile. It was cool. I went into the tabernacle where the choir sings, also pretty cool. Before I walked in, I always thought the tabernacle was inside the temple. It isn’t and the temple is the only building on the Temple Square campus that is off limits to visitors. That’s ok, although I would have liked to see the inside of the building but mostly because I am a nosey Irishman.

I do have to tell you though the trip from Fernley to Salt Lake along the California Trail was really long through the very high desert (6,000+ feet) of Nevada then across the salt flats after reaching the Utah state line. Straight and them more straight. You know when you are driving there are twists and turns and you really cannot see that far ahead, well Hwy80 gives you view after view from on high of a straight hiway disappearing into the clouds. I’m not sure how the rest of this journey turns out but I hope there are more turns, those make the journey interesting. Off to Cheyenne then Denver then who knows where after that. I am staying with the Eisenhower Highway named after the President that signed the Interstate Highway bill back in the ’50’s. That highway will eventually take me to Washington, D.C.

and so it goes….