Christo Rey Sacramento

(Fernley, NV) – Ever heard of Fernley, Nevada? I did years ago and now I’m here in freaking’ Fernley and it is really really hot even now at 6.45 its 90. I am on the road for a few weeks to do some interviews. I hope to make it to New York and Washington in my 2001 CRV non-American made but assembled auto. So far so good. I discovered the AC after I was complaining out loud how hot it was. I was talking to me and me agreed flipped it on and I went into the “zone” over the Sierras into the Nevada high desert.

It all started at 5 am this morning when I left the house and headed for Sacramento for an interview with a nun at the Cristo Rey school. It is a small school doing terrific work. It is Social Justice in action. Three religious orders sponsor the school (Notre Dame de Namur, Sisters of Mercy and the Jesuits). Great interview with Sr. Maria, a dedicated educator who doesn’t supply information and data, but provide a caring environment so the kids get a real lesson in life. If you want to check out the Cristo Rey Nationwide Network chick here.

A nice place to pee

After a quick soda with Kathy with a K I was off to the Sierra’s paying homage along the way to the Donner Party’s last stand near Donner Lake and Truckee. You remember them, they just came out with a pamphlet called the “Pledge for America.” Great rest stop at Gold Run before Donner Lake, looked like a lodge. It was a wonderful place to relieve oneself I must say. I will put it on my recommendation list for rest stops. I blew through the California/Nevada state line at 2.05 pm and was hoping to make it to Elko on my way to Denver. I blew through Reno and really tried to make it but wound up in Fernley. Fernley isn’t so bad. It’s a teeny tiny town with very little industry except maybe the casino. I had a great hot turkey sandwich at the local casino so all is well. I’ll try for the Utah state line tomorrow but I’m in no rush. I’ll pay special attention to the rest stops. Oh, yeah there’s a Super WalMart across the street.

and so it goes….