Another day in Paradise

It’s hard to believe that Fall is already here. Except for the sun going down a little earlier than in August. The Fog Fest was held last week under whispy fog and a ton o’ sunshine. A lot of out of towers swarmed to Palmetto Street for the fair.

II don’t want to get into anything political today because it is such a nice day. Anyway it’s hard to talk sense into people who are so brainwashed by lies and half-truths (from the Republican cable ‘news’ network) day after day. As much as I bring it up unfortunate Americans still fall into their trap. I just need to drop it for a day or so and hope some sense will make its way through those walls of deceit and outright malice that are broadcasted every day. So today, Fox and friends gets a break.

I’m getting ready to head East on another interviewing tour starting with Sacramento. I’ll start reporting from the road tomorrow afternoon. Until then, don’t forget to vote democratic or the world will end.

and so it will go