Thursday, a child with a pre-existing condition cannot be denied health care coverage according to the new health care law. Some of the bigger health care insurance providers, Cigna and Wellpoint and Coventry have decided to drop insurance for kids in California, Colorado, Ohio and Missouri. This is ahead of the law kicking in tomorrow.

Some of the country’s most prominent health insurance companies have decided to stop offering new child-only plans, rather than comply with rules in the new health-care law that will require such plans to start accepting children with preexisting medical conditions after Sept. 23.

The companies will continue to cover children who already have child-only policies. They will also accept children with preexisting conditions in new family policies.

I feel sick
Mike Huckabee, a religious minister (a maybe a presidential candidate) compared the preexisting condition to buying fire insurance for your home after your home burns down. He proclaimed this to wild applause to the crowd at the Values Voters Summit. Human lives and property are equal aren’t they? Of course they are! I know that the boards of these publicly traded companies are people with families and are not cold-hearted but they are beholding to Wall Street, their investors. But there is something fundamentally wrong with this action and something “sick” about Huckabee’s comparison isn’t there? Maybe there’s something to be said about “socialized” medicine. Tea Party folks who tout “liberty” as a foundation for their movement forget that before the word “liberty” in the Declaration of Independence comes the word “life”. Now we can see where the so-called “public option” could have been a vital addition to the flawed health care bill. Because the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act did not provide a public health care option to compete with these, for profit and greed health insurance companies that really do have “Death Panels“, taxpayers will end up paying even more for those that are sick through higher premiums and tax payer subsidies.

But that is how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was designed, no competition, and billions in subsidies to the for profit health insurance companies.

The health insurance companies have been pushing to end Medicare for decades, and with several of the Tea Party backed candidates such as Sharron Angle (R-NV), Rand Paul (R-KY), and Christine O’Donnell (R-DE) already on record saying that they want to end Medicare, maybe in the very near future, the younger Tea Party Folk, will see their parents and grandparents without any health care. True patriots.

The Tea Party Folk or some other clueless group of people, will continue to fight to protect the profits of shareholders and fight against anyone dares to try and get a public health care option going that would compete with big insurers. After all, the last thing you want in a “free market” is competition.

and so it goes…

Any defense?