The sky is falling

While trying to find Christine O’Donnell on the Sunday shows, I came across David Gregory chatting it up with Colin Powell. I found out later that O’Donnell had bailed on Face the Nation and, if you can believe this, Fox News Sunday. Of course the interviews were probably going to focus on Bill Maher’s tape of her talking about her high school encounters with witches and warlocks and bloody altars and stuff. I guess she didn’t want to talk about the strange people in her past…but not even to Fox?? (I went to Catholic school too, but I didn’t hang out with witches…although there was that one nun in 4th grade…) Wowsers! Maher said he will release a video clip a week unless she goes on his show on HBO. O’Donnell is the gift that keeps on giving. So I watched Meet the Press with Gen Powell talking about his party’s chance of taking over the House of Representatives. His comments made me think about the possibility, after all I do remember history.

MR. GREGORY: Do you think that Republicans are poised to retake at least the House? And would you like to see them do that with this–the current slate of candidates and some of the ideas?

GEN. POWELL: I, I don’t know. The, the pollsters would tell us that the Republicans are poised to take over the House. That wouldn’t break my heart, I wouldn’t go into a funk. Frankly, it might be good for the president to have the Republicans owning one of the two bodies of our Congress. Because then they have responsibility. You can’t just say no to everything. You can’t just sit around beating up the president.

Sounds plausible, but I keep thinking that in a normal economy maybe it would be all right for them to run the House of Representatives and steer us forward, but their track record makes me a little wobbly on that point. Would they hold interminable hearings on this and that and investigate there and here? That’s what they tend to do, since governing is really too hard for them. At least they would be out in the open so the American people would see what selfish frauds they really are. But can we afford two years of this when everything seems to be teetering? More flag burning amendments? More de-regulation? The times when the economy has thrived have been under democratic administrations only to be driven into a ditch by succeeding republican administrations. Boom/Bust. This economy needs a jump start, not a hearing on whether Barack Hussein Obama is an American or some secret channeling Kenyan outsider. No, General Powell, you are a good decent man but I don’t think the country can risk the politics of subpoena right now.

This just in: France has more upward mobility than the U.S. How did that happen? They have more of the American Dream than we do?

and so it goes…