Don't you just hate when that happens?

Berkeley – I’m not sure what has happened over the last few months with some of our people. They seem to be leaning on extremism with retarded anger from years ago. Recent diatribes from right-wing-me-first radio (7 out of 10 are hard conservative stations–anger sells I guess) have focused on the de-legitimate presidency of Barrack Obama, a message that focused on what they erroneously perceive as socialism and communism in the government. These are the voices of a party who do not have the best interest of the country in mind and, really, have no new ideas except tax cuts for everyone including those who don’t need tax cuts. That’s their plan. I still don’t get why so much air time is dedicated to stoke the fires of outright lies about the non-election of our first non-American black president. On a recent broadcast Beck revealed the 30 million number and concluded that they constituted the wave of the future. He feels that the Tea Party drumbeat should be one of future optimism. (I’m all about hope, mind you, but Becks (and Rush’s) tracts are themed us vs. them rather than me a part of us. Sounding vaguely like Fr. Charles Coughlin in the ’30’s.) Beck optimistically asserts that his viewing audience constitutes 10 percent of the American population. He calls that 10% of the populace and that in time, it will become the majority. A view like this is decidedly delusional. Oh, the House may shift in November and there will be chest pounding (gently of course), but the ship of state will right (no pun intended) itself, it always does.

I’m not sure if Beck or Limbaugh (who also thinks his minions will rise) check the demographics of the T-movement. They are older, mostly white boomers who are grumpy, but de facto a minority who, if the “party stays as it is, will begin to disappear. It looks as if this movement, albeit loud, is not thinking about “outreach” to young people, independents, people of color and so forth. How does Beck think his “movement” will, well, move?

That future represents a polar opposite of Beck’s projections. First of all, America’s emerging cultural mosaic is decidedly pluralistic. It definitely constitutes a rainbow composition with Hispanic, African American, and Asian population dramatically increasing. Take a look at Tea Party audiences and one observes a virtually exclusive Caucasian look.

What about white population increase? Younger Americans have not flocked to the Tea Party and right wing talk show hosts. We all know from stats that Fox has an older more sedate (and loud) audience, while MSNBC and Comedy Central is mostly made up of younger more progressive viewers. If what Beck and Limbaugh want to come to pass does so, they need to stir up the whole of the electorate like the Dems did in 2008. So Democrats, stop whining it ain’t over. Sign people up to vote, take them to the polling places or mail their ballots for them. We did it before. That’s why Beck and Limbaugh and Palin and Bachmann hate community organizers. As this crowd would say, “The people community organizers are trying to organize just aren’t us, you know, like the President”.

And so it goes…