Tea for Me and two for Me

With the results in Delaware final with Christine O’Donnell’s defeat of veteran Rep. Michael Castle, let the battle royale begin. At last count the Repubs must pick up 40 seats to control the House and 10 to gain a majority in the Senate. The battle lines are drawn. What used to be ho-hum midterm elections is shaping up to be must see TV. I guess the obvious question that came out of some of these dubious victories is what exactly is the Republican Party? No room for moderates? Is it the O’Donnells or the Pauls or the Angles or is it more mainstream like Ayotte former New Hampshire Attorney General who won the Republican bid for Senate? I’m not sure if the 33,000 people who voted for O’Donnell represent a landslide for the Republicans in November. With her election the chances that the Repubs will take the Senate went from 35% to 14%. But conventional wisdom has been so wrong this primary season. Several months ago when O’Donnell threw her hat in the ring she wasn’t given a ghost of a chance to win against establish Republican and well-liked Rep. Castle. Wrong again. I wonder when it comes down to it in November that clearer more responsible heads will prevail.

History has shown that at the midterms, the party in power usually looses seats in the House. That may not be a bad thing unless The Repubs waste their golden opportunity with committee hearings and subpoenas and dodge the work of the people. Take a look at the extremes in the Republican Party with all of the newly minted candidates. Is backwards where we really want to go?

and so it goes