Recently Newt Gingrich (a man without any ideas of his own, as usual) parroted to the National Review an article that appeared in Forbes by Dinesh D’Souza who thinks Obama is demonstrating “Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior”. I wonder what that means? (anti-British colonialism circa 1776?) But back to Gingrich who by the way is the only person in the Republican Party who thinks he can become president in 2012 is probably trying to divert our attention away from a recent unflattering profile in Esquire you know the one that discusses his 3 marriages with waaaaaaay too much info.

He calls D’Souza’s article “most profound insight I have read in the last six years about Barack Obama”. The article stated:

Our President is trapped in his father’s time machine. Incredibly, the U.S. is being ruled according to the dreams of a Luo tribesman of the 1950s. This philandering, inebriated African socialist, who raged against the world for denying him the realization of his anticolonial ambitions, is now setting the nation’s agenda through the reincarnation of his dreams in his son. The son makes it happen, but he candidly admits he is only living out his father’s dream. The invisible father provides the inspiration, and the son dutifully gets the job done. America today is governed by a ghost.

I’m not sure where he is going with this endorsement of the “otherness” of President Obama. We all know that Gingrich responds to polls and conversations glomming on to these winds with little or no “original” thoughts of his own, but I’m not quite sure what his end game might be. Do you? I wonder if he feels neglected or perhaps he feels that everything he believes in is under attack. Although I also feel what he “believes in” are not his thoughts to begin with. It must be hard to keep current with the latest insanities out there, especially at his age. I see him coming into his office in the morning asking “What should I think today Sarah”? (or fill in the blank with a name) “I’m going on Fox this evening and I need a bat-shit comment. Did the Nazi reference to the Mosque down near ground ‘zero’ play well”?

I swear the fish was this big

Nah, I just think he is lazy and opportunistic like D’Souza who’s diatribe made no sense in the real world of facts. I guess they both think that what a person “believes” is the same as facts. His recent DVD with his current wife about the dangers out there with terrorists would have played well several years ago creating fear (easier to control people when you make them afraid) but I wonder how it plays today with only 4% of the people think it is an issue.

I actually feel sorry for Gingrich and more so for his audience of drones. Once I thought he had the good of the nation in mind, but I ain’t so sure anymore. By the way, if anyone noticed, the deficit dropped by 8% during the first fiscal year of Obama’s presidency. Just so you know.

and so it goes…