Politics and 9/11

Interesting week with highs and very lows. And some of us bought right into the ink. The news cycles bring all sorts of flotsam and jetsam with them and some of these are elevated to the stature of “news” but really aren’t. Take for example the kook in Florida who was going to burn a bunch of Korans on 9/11. What brilliance what insight what an idiot. Fires and guys are like the size of guns and guys…they help to make up for what may be lacking, if you get my drift. What should have been a non-story turned into a media-circus but not the first media circus don’t forget Lindsay Lohan and OJ. To Fox’s credit, they gave the loon from Gainesville little air time. I guess the overblown and self-righteous Near-Ground-Zero mosque stories Fox has done filled their quota for anti-Muslim stories.

Then there is the “sacred day” of 9/11 itself, nine years on. The unfortunate politicization of the day has gotten worse. Every year, the custody battle over 9/11 becomes more contentious. But if Ground Zero belongs to those who suffered and died there, why is Larry Silverstein building on it? Because he acquired the site. The place is not sacred. It’s profane. Just look at the property records. So what’s left? Politics plain and simple. Not all of the bodies or parts of human beings who were killed on that day have been found and one can surmise that some remains are still there, like in the Battleship Arizona lying at the bottom of Pearl Harbor. By the way, do we as a country still remember Dec 7th in our discourse? So let’s build a building. So the Park51 Community Center so favored over a year ago is now being vilified and protested on 9/11. Anyone see something amiss here? To paint Islam with the broad self-righteous brush of terrorism equating all of the billion plus people who espouse to this faith with a small group of thugs known as Al Qaeda then we are bigots. There is no question. The anger the country feels now over the economy or because their guy wasn’t elected is directed outwards, right now the target are all Muslims, in the 12th century it was the Jews for the “Black Death”.

Now with Islamophobe Bryan Fischer another kook preacher and a featured speaker at this weeks “Values Voter Summit” in Washington, we can continue the diatribe into the election season. Joining him are some  heavy hitting Republicans like Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. Is this what Republicans stand for? Stop Muslims from serving the armed forces or even entering this country as Fischer demands? Now it doesn’t seem fair to ask speakers to endorse the views of any other speaker. But it does seem fair to ask that some people be beyond the pale for an event such as this, like Fischer. I guess we’ll see what happens. Don’t hold your breath.

And really, what you and I think anyway doesn’t matter unless you are going to burn something.

And so it goes…