Sean with Jack and Sarah

Pacifica, CA – 9:30 pm -ish on the night of September 5th 1984 another beginning to another school year and another birth, this time a boy who we would call Sean Patrick. Originally his name was Patrick Sean but when we looked at him in the nursery he looked like a Sean Patrick. So for a few days we had two Kaiser cards, one with Patrick Sean and one with Sean Patrick. I know it sounds confusing but sometimes babies tell you their name. So here he is 26 years later the first one of our present generation of kids to graduate from college.

I remember the night he was born. I was working as a drug and alcohol counselor in Oakland and we were still living in Concord, California. Evidently when someone called the clinic they told one of the secretaries that my wife had gone into labor. They told them that I was not working that night. All they had to do was go across the hall where I was talking to families of the recovering addicts. But no. It was only when we quit at 9 pm that I happened to run into one of the secretaries who told me that my wife was in labor. I jumped in the car and jammed the 20 miles or so back home only to find out from my step daughter that my wife had already gone to Kaiser. Back on the road, I drove the 10 miles to the Walnut Creek Kaiser. I arrived and found a parking space in a green zone. By the time I ran down the hall to the delivery room they were wheeling Kathy to recovery and carrying little Sean (or Patrick) to the nursery. I was able to stop them and hold my son with his “chicken legs” for a moment. What a rush. Not only did we have a year old little girl at home, but now we had a wee boy to round out the family. You have to understand that yes births happen all the time, but for me, an addict, this was extra special event. At best with all my drug usage over the years and the depths of hell I had visited during that time, I thought my wife would give birth to a giant bong. But no, here was this little boy precious and a life awaiting in my arms. Life was and still is, good. Happy Birthday Sean Patrick!

And so it goes