A Rest Stop on US 97

Redding, CA – We hopped in the car reluctantly leaving the Shilo Inn in Bend Oregon and headed back to California with 10 hours of interviews. God I hated leaving that place on the banks of the lazy Deschutes River. True they didn’t have MSNBC but did have Fox (like all the motels we stayed in…what’s up with that?) but it was a great comfortable place to stay. I recommend it and watch MSNBC on your laptop.

Except for a few stops to pee at gas stations and rest stops we blew through past Mount Shasta and Weed to Redding. The scrounge to find a motel was on full blast. From the comfortable 70’s up in the rarefied air of the high desert in Oregon we made it to the blast oven hot of Redding, California. But we lucked out finding this motel, but as in our former places of sleep including the magnificent Shilo Inn in Bend, no MSNBC. I need to write a letter. No wonder Fox has high ratings, it’s viewed by transients.

Just an addenda…The last time I stayed in Redding was to visit with my friend and Jesuit classmate, Art Encinas. At the time he was on the radio with an “oldies” show. He was great as a DJ and gained a rep for doing so. I’m not sure if he had to do the DJ things at dances. He and I entered the Jesuits back in 1963 he was 18 and I was 17. We bonded immediately and began a reign of terror. We started the campus radio station at Gonzaga University in Spokane, made films together while at Loyola U (Before it became Loyola Marymount). We even went to school together at the American Film Institute’s Film center in Beverly Hills. We had a great run. We had to separate after Gonzaga, he went to teach at St. Ignatius Prep in San Francisco and I was sent to teach at Loyola High in Los Angeles. Except for a couple of weeks in the summer, we hardly saw each other. He went on to get ordained and I left the Order in the early 70’s. He left a few years after ordination. I lost track of him when I moved back to San Francisco and he had moved to Redding. He was the only person who made me laugh out loud at myself. He was great at that. He passed away last year from a heart attack while still living up here in Redding. I miss you Art. Now back to our regularly scheduled ending.

Tomorrow is Sean’s birthday, he’ll be 26. He is the second of our Irish Twins.

And so it goes…