Street Cars that actually Go Places

Portland – Back in Portland, with rain in the morning and warm sun in the afternoon. Freakish you say? Perhaps but it IS Portland. Leisurely day with Sarah, Kathy and a second hand store. What distinguishes this store from others I have been in searching for “just the right look” is that their items were sized already. My former favorite jeans which I have schlepped through France, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy and Spain in recent years finally wore out…in the crotch. (I know there’s a whole story here, but let’s move on) Now at my age that shouldn’t be a problem because I usually wear my Sponge Bob Squarepants pants. But since Sponge Bob is yellow there was no subtlety, or for that matter, dignity with my punkish jeans. I don’t have a lot of dignity left and what I do have, I’d like to hold on to at least for a little while longer. But I digress…so we all went to Barely-Worn the second hand store on Division St. and Bingo! I found jeans that fit. With my fluctuating weight there is always celebration when I find something that I can wear with pride. So now, I can still wear Sponge Bob and no one will know, unless I sag of course…but that’s a given.

There’s something about Portland that grows on me. Oh it’s not the usual stuff like the weather changing at a moments notice or people changing lanes on the freeway without signaling. No, it’s something about the town that is drawing me. The old hippy-wannabe in me says, this is a good place to live. I thought that any place we moved would need to be near the Pacific, but a river will do just fine, thank you. And not only a river but two rivers, the Willamette and Columbia. That should do for water. I also like the neighborhoods wet days or dry days or the random eateries that are not chains and definitely have a personality. We had a sandwich yesterday on Hawthorne Blvd.called East Side Deli that was wonderful. It was made by two punk looking (I am being judgmental) young women with great wicked humor. Piercings everywhere and great sandwich makers. Then across the street is Zack’s Shack which produces great hot dogs. Both places give one a meal and don’t break the bank. I guess these are part of the small businesses that people get heated about.

But overall I guess it is the uniqueness of this place which is the most appealing. It seems welcoming. To be sure I haven’t been everywhere, but the places I have visited and the neighborhoods I’ve either driven through or walked, are places I would want to live. Years ago, when Sarah decided to move to Portland, she didn’t know a soul, not one person. I thought she wouldn’t last long. Within a few months she had established herself, got a job and gathered good friends around her. That circle grew and grew over the years, so that she considers Portland her home. She is very courageous and an inspiration to me. More about her tomorrow on her birthday.

So I am at a crossroads of sorts also. We have a house whose mortgage is more than the house is worth, we live in one of the highest costs of living areas in the nation and both kids are on their own. Now what? Well I am working on a DVD project which will carry me until Christmas then it’s time to move. The Northwest wouldn’t be such a bad choice. I don’t think I would live near to Sarah who lives in the South east part of the city. I don’t like hovering…maybe I can live in a van parked down near the river(s)…

And so it goes….