Ubi Caritas, Deus Ibi Est

All dressed up in downtown Yakima

Sweeping aside the excesses on the Washington Mall over the weekend and all of the “unity” proclaimed from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, we as a people continue and where are we? Save for a small group of African Americans spread throughout the crowd, the masses on the Mall were lily white. I’m not sure what the unity part was, except maybe to validate Beck’s myopic view of this great country. If God is the center, then God (at least according to the Christian Scriptures) is love. Love is a gift that is meant to be given away, not hoarded. Beck proclaims that we look to the future and not so much at where we are today. Dreams are good. But when one’s head is uplifted to the heavens viewing the future, one cannot see his brothers and sisters right in front of him who need his help.

His rant over Social Justice, spitting out the words as if they were sour and rancid in his mouth, says much about what he believes is wrong with America. He even challenged people to get up and leave their churches when pastors brought social justice up in sermons. It was communism he said. It was national socialism, he said. What is he afraid of and how does this jive with his idea of “unity?” I don’t know. To me his version sounds selfish and part of the childhood me first and you can do whatever you want, don’t bother me attitude. This doesn’t make any sense. Where is the brotherhood that made this country great? Beck is never going to be “one of us” because I don’t think he understands that people sometimes need help our help. It is WE the people not “ME the person.” Beck missed a great opportunity Saturday. He could have used his power to go outside is own ego and actually put America and it’s potential first, by encouraging the crowd to love and embrace those who weren’t there, people of color, Latinos, Asians, Indians and African Americans and folks who do not think the same way he wants his audience to think, to name a few.

We did not earn liberty, we benefited from it by being born into it. We need to be vigilant that we don’t lose those freedoms. I feel uneasy by Beck’s seductive words, which harken back to another leader in Europe in the ’30’s. We need to be cognizant that not everyone in this country is truly free, either by culture or economics. Those who have more are invited in love, to give to those who do not. Love is a gift and it is meant to be given away. That is part of what it means to be an American. Put down the flag and pick up a brother or sister in need.

…and so it goes…

A little song, a little dance, a little coffee down your pants... 40 years in the high school classroom and now on my own. A chance to think about stuff and how it affects everyone, not just me. Now residing in Oregon volunteering for a refugee organization.

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