Ah...summer in Seattle

North Seattle- Haven’t been watching much TV on this trip, maybe because the two hotels we stayed at Comfort Inn in Portland and now the Holiday Inn Express in North Seattle do not carry MSNBC. Oh they have CNN and that thing called Fox something or other, but no progressive news channel. Imagine that. How can one be truly fair and balanced? What I did pick up was that John McCain trounced JD Hayworth in the Arizona Primary. I’m glad the people of Arizona are smarter than some give them credit for.

Speaking of smart, I was wondering the other day about the end game of those who want to question the legitimacy of the presidency of Barrack Obama. What do they want? Status quo? Where were these people back in 2000 at the truly illegitimate election of GWB? The supreme court decided the outcome of a presidential race by their ruling to stop the recount in Florida. Talk about judicial activism. And of course the mess we have gotten ourselves into since 2000 financially? Just who is responsible for that? So today in 2010, what is to be gained by calling the President “Imam” or saying, in so many words, “he’s not one of us” like the Olympic Club in San Francisco did when denying Jews membership? Is it because he is a Democrat? or Black? and that they cannot stomach either? Maybe in a few years the cycle will begin to swing back toward sanity and legitimate conversation. Just a thought.

What the heck? Yesterday it was 90 degrees and today it is rainy and chilly here in Seattle. Bizarre yet somehow intriguing. Today we didn’t do anything special except to visit Pike’s Market with thousands of our close personal friends. Maybe I’m just getting old but I don’t like to be around large hoards of people anymore. Now, back in our room we are watching “Night at the Museum 2.” A good flick. The image I have of myself as I get older confronts me daily in these hotels, an old bow-legged-bermuda-shorts-white-knee-sox-white-tennis-shoes. I am doomed. Interview at Seattle Prep tomorrow morning then off to beautiful Spokane, the jewel of the Inland Empire.