Be true to your school

Seattle – Great interview this morning at the Jesuit Curia in Portland with Cindy. Very down to earth and precise in her answers. I am still getting used to the questions and formulating new ones in my head. Sometimes on paper questions look provocative and probing but when I verbalize them, they seem involved and picky, like I’m giving a test. Anyway, the Curia is located in a compound in the middle of a residential section of Portland (SE, if you are keeping tabs). In a word, it is peaceful. A retreat setting in the middle of the hustle-bustle of a great city. The Oregon Province has taken their lumps of late, just “Google” to find out whats what. The people I met this morning were nothing short of gracious, funny and helpful. In spite of the black cloud that seems to hang over the Province, the members have hope. Things will improve as they always do.

It was then North to Seattle. The ride itself wasn’t bad at all, tons of traffic all moving well. We stopped at Fort Lewis hoping to get on base and maybe run into a member of the “Last Patrol” who left Iraq last week. But, no we weren’t able to find the war vets as a matter of fact we were turned around at the front gate and pointed out and back to the freeway because we didn’t have a “pass” or something. Unfortunately I couldn’t get over fast enough to get on the freeway so we went toward another gate and was turned around again. I suppose we could have done this all day. Finally we were able to hop on I-5 heading North. At least we can say that we visited Ft. Lewis and North Fort Lewis in Washington state. Easy ride to Seattle stopping in Tacoma for a donut (my version of healthy eating). Great little town. We drove around the port and Stadium High school which was used in the film “10 things I hate about you.” Finally arriving at the plush Holiday Inn Express in North Seattle and set up our tent for the night.

And so it goes…