Contemplating my navel

Portland – It’s getting late here on a warm Tuesday evening here in the Northwest. Had a great interview on Monday afternoon with Don at Jesuit High and another interview this morning at the same venue with JK. Both men had interesting stories and insights into “God in All Things” and “Men and Women with and for others” which are the first two themes of the three videos I am producing. The most interesting part of the interviews is not trying to catch people but allowing them to speak and finish their thoughts before asking a follow-up question. This project will be a little more difficult to edit because the information gathered so far has been fascinating. I have one or two more interviews tomorrow (Wednesday) and the Jesuit Curia and Novitiate before traveling to Seattle for more interviews. Then it is off to Spokane, Yakima and back to Portland for one more interview before heading back to the Bay Area. Phase one will be complete with 10 interviews. Phase two will begin in September when I move East to New York, Washington, Miami, New Orleans and Arizona. Then the fun begins, making sense out of the stories so that the audience doesn’t get lost, recording the music and getting the visuals. That’s where the creativity comes in.

The Grotto dedicated to our Lady is just down the street from our motel and we spent Monday afternoon re exploring it. The view from the meditation room is still breathtaking with Mount St. Helen’s in the distance. Thank God they took down the creepy wax statue of Mary holding a blond Jesus. That was totally distracting from the view. Whoever carved the statue spent a lot of time making it look real, too real. It is hard to describe here but it is safe to say, it did not inspire devotion and I am glad it has been moved down to the gift shop.

Tonite we hung with my nephew Paul and his girl friend along with Sarah and her friend Nichole at the Matador restaurant. Since the evening was warm (in the 80’s) we sat outside and had a good laugh telling family stories and the usual picking on each other. It was a great way to end the day.

An interview tomorrow morning then off to Seattle.

And so it goes…