Hey Dr. Laura, Get Real

I am the victim here, I tell you

I rarely watch Larry King, not because it’s not interesting, but because he reminds me of my mortality. He is like the energizer bunny. But enough about batteries keeping some talk show hosts alive, one voice has been silenced and its not because of a lack of batteries. It’s because of a lack of taste. It is self-imposed. After 30 years on the air and more than 10 years in national syndication, Dr. Laura Schlessinger told King, “I want to regain my First Amendment rights.” Is she a victim of the government trying to silence her? No, not really. She goes on to say, “I want to be able to say what’s on my mind, and in my heart and what I think is helpful and useful without somebody getting angry, some special interest group deciding this is a time to silence a voice of dissent, and attack affiliates and attack sponsors.” In other words she thinks no one else has the right to voice their opinions. After a career giving irresponsible advice to millions she has now become a victim. I for one, am not buying it.

After listening to her having difficulty explaining to King just how she didn’t have that freedom in front of a radio microphone I’m guessing she’s not buying it either. Her argument for quitting because her enemies are really trying to silence her, just didn’t make sense. The way I figure it is that by quitting she is silencing herself. We, the audience, have the right to complain when we don’t like something don’t we? We have the right to tell sponsors about our concerns and threaten not to buy their products if we don’t like something, don’t we? They have the right to continue sponsoring her show in spite of us, don’t they? The government did not enter into it so it really isn’t close to being a first amendment right? Beck’s sponsors fled in droves since his comment about Obama being a racist and he is still on the air.

After years of trafficking in dehumanizing and false rhetoric about many communities, this is just another chapter in “Dr.Laura’s” take-no-responsibility-blame-others book. So Dr. Laura, grow up, look into the mirror and take a little responsibility without excuses for your “opinions” and your words. In your own words “do the right thing.” You are not the victim here, not even close.

and so it goes…

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