What a wonderful day it has been (I am writing this on the steps of our hotel Sunday morning getting ready for our last gig at the noon Mass in the Basilica of Ignatius Loyola. This Mass and our contribution to it will be dedicated to Jill Costello, S.I. Class of ’06 who passed away earlier this week from cancer). I tried writing this last night after our gathering with the Spanish teenagers at the Church, but I just passed out when I got back to my room. It is so sad to be old. I’ve noticed that I have started to creak a little bit as we wind down. I think people can hear it.

Our Kids in the Basilica late at night

Great Saturday! We started with a tour of the Castle of Ignatius and went to the room where he was born. So the idea that this was the “Tomb to the Womb” tour came crashing through this ancient ancestral home of the Loyola’s and the Onaz’. In Rome, we stood in the room where Ignatius died and Saturday we stood in the room where he was born. Truly it was Tomb->Womb tour. The Jesuits could not have been more kind to us allowing us to tour the Castle gratis. I guess having the name St. Ignatius College Prep has it’s perks. There are pictures on Facebook which show you the interior. Our one can “google” it. But the bottom line is we were there!

After the tour we changed into beach wear (well the kids did, I didn’t because I really look scary in shorts) and hop on the bus for the hour or so trip to San Sebastián. The town and especially the beach, was spectacular. My friend Carlos back at school was right. There were thousands of people at the waters edge and we let the kids go for about five hours. As in uninhibited beaches in Europe, many of the women went topless. After the initial shock, it became routine and, at least me, didn’t give it a second thought. The weather was cooperative, not too hot not too cold. The big people went off to explore while the kids swam and hung out. By the time we returned to find our kids we just looked for the whitest kids on the beach.

We returned, got cleaned up and went over to the Basilica’s retreat center to meet with 84 Spanish teenagers just finishing up an Ignatian Retreat. We ate with them, hung out and got a few numbers. We then moved into a darkened Basilica for night prayer and meditation. We contributed a couple of songs at the end which the Spaniards gave us a standing ovation. During the meditation the dark church slowly became light then dazzling as the mediations went on. Brilliant.

Got to get on the bus now for the Mass at the Basilica. Sorry I have to cut this short. I am a lazy bum.

And so it goes…