As I write part of this, we are sitting at the “Firewood” restraint at the end of the International Terminal. 6 kids are here and two are over at the other restaurant…and we are hanging until 10 pm to load up for our journey to Heathrow then to Rome. The only leg of the trip which is exhausting for me is the SFO-London trip. Time seems to crawl and as I mentioned before, the map you can call up on the view screen has a little iddy bitty plane that seems not to move at all. I must remind myself not to watch it and read my book.

Arrived this afternoon in the Behemoth known as Heathrow and waiting for the flight to Rome. SFO to London is way long so it seems like we left days ago.

Arrived in Rome and at the hotel at around 11 pm. They had sandwiches for our small group and we are all dead tired. I better finish this so I can hit the hay.

Next entry will have us wandering around Rome.