Blood and Blood

One is over and another is beginning. True Blood comes out from behind the shadow bayous that haven’t been tainted with oil yet. For some reason Bill has been kidnapped by vampires/werewolves unknown. Sookie is off talking with the Queen and the Sheriff of the vampires to find her “love.” Last episode Bill had just proposed to Sookie when he was snatched while waiting for dinner. Sookie was in the ladies room when this happened. Don’t you just hate it when the love of your life, who happens to be a dead civil war soldier gets kidnapped at the most important moment of your life? Oh the humanity.

Last night’s first episode picks up where last season left off. There was the usual blood and violence that we have come to expect from this show and we were finally introduced to the werewolves that were hinted at last season. I am an unabashed fan of this awful show with it’s bad writing and unbelievable story premise but, I have to say, it is intoxicating. I wasn’t aware that so much un-deadness took place in Louisiana ( although I am suspicious of Bobby Jindal). Since the vampires are trying to live in harmony with humans as a minority, there have been “confrontations.” As the oil slick grows and grows in the gulf and pushes farther and farther inland, I wonder when the traditional source of food for the vampires moves away that the vamps will come up with a solution for the oil clean-up in short order. It would be an interesting story line anyway.

The season of “Breaking Bad” an old friend ended last night. It is a heartwarming story of a high school science teacher, Walter White who contracts cancer and does not have much time left. He wants to provide for his family so they don’t have to worry financially after he is gone. A noble cause. Unfortunately the only way he can make a large amount of money in a short time is by using his abilities as a chemist to make the best methamphetamine known to man. And he does. He teams up with a small time drug dealer and former student Jesse Pinkman who is so disorganized he actually becomes a liability for Walter and by extension his plan to provide for his family. A life of crime to provide for his family, I can relate to that. He is just trying to make a living in a crappy economy.

Malcom's Dad

Long story short, if you haven’t been watching these last three years, it would hard to explain all the twists and turns. My suggestion is to rent season 1 and 2 from Netflix to catch up. The writing has improved to the point where one really doesn’t know what is going to happen next. Walt and Jesse have faced death so often, that it becomes mesmerizing just how they will survive. Last night’s closing episode leaves one yelling at the TV, “no!” with it’s final scene. I am hooked like the drug users in the show. One begins to care for Walter and Jesse and wants the real bad guys, including the DEA not to succeed. I know it’s sick to root for the less bad guys over the more bad guys but that is what makes watching the show intriguing from a demented point of view. There are so many layers to dissect and ponder. I really love this show and like a child who goes off to college, cannot wait for it to return.

Speaking of going off to college…for the next two weeks I will be traveling with the S.I. choir around Spain and will report from there…and so it goes…