So we had the California Primary on Tuesday and low and behold two women topped the Republican ticket. Meg Whitman will be running against former governor Jerry Brown and Carly Fiorina who took the top spot is set to go against Sen. Barbara Boxer. It should be fun. Brown has already challenged Whitman to ten debates so far. As everyone knows by now, two CEO’s will be vying for these highly visible California seats. (Representing the “common” Californian voter, I guess) A estimated $71 million was dumped into the California governor’s race by Whitman most of it her own money. We can say, so what? It was her money and she can do whatever she wants with it. That’s the rub I guess enough money can get you elected, well elected in a primary race anyway. Her rival poured about $25 million into his losing effort against Whitman. So if you’ve already worked it out in your head it comes to $96 million. Let that sink in for a minute. In a state that is reeling from a huge deficit what does this say about the people who want to fix the problem?

I’m not sure what kind of a campaign we will see going forward. Brown isn’t the best orator out there and I wonder if the 10 debates to which he challenged Whitman will be good theatre or just boring. We’ll see if any hope will come out of them. Whitman hasn’t said if she will accept. The benefit for the candidates will be free advertising. As the 8th largest economy on the planet, California should have the best tech, the best schools, the best health care the best roads. Well, we don’t. To turn this economy around will take a strong leader as well as a visionary legislature in Sacramento.

Then there is the always colorful Carly Fiorina, the other former fired CEO of H.P. Now this will be great political theatre going forward. A guilty pleasure will be watching the debates between these strong women. While her tenure at H.P. is spotty at best, she still is fun to listen to. Recently while waiting for an interview on a Sacramento TV station she commented about Whitman and Barbra Boxer before she realized her camera and mic were on. Laughing, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO told listeners that one of her team, Laura, had seen Boxer on television and “said what everyone says, ‘God, what is that hair?’ So yesterday!” She also questioned fellow Republican Meg Whitman’s decision to talk with Fox’s Hannity so soon after winning the GOP nomination for governor.

“I find it really surprising,” she said. “I think it’s bizarre. … I think it’s a very bad choice, actually. You know how he is. Sean Hannity is not an easy interview.”

The only person I was very disappointed to find on the curb after the primary is the ever popular and bizzaro Secretary of State candidate, Orly Taitz. Unfortunately she got trounced by a 3-1 margin. On the one hand there is hope that people finally understand that this dentist/lawyer/real estate agent/birther is certifiably bonkers but on the other hand there is disappointment that we will be deprived of a great view of a train wreck still in progress during the campaign season. Oh well, we can’t have everything.

Even without Taitz, this is going to be fun, the best political race money can buy.

Oh by the way, BP is said to have been collecting half a million barrels of oil a day…that seems to be up from 5,000 out of the 11,000 they said was spilling out of the hole in the Gulf. mmmm….talk about a bad hair day!