Bringing Oil to America's Shores

In her latest note on Facebook, Sarah Palin is blaming “extreme ‘environmentalists'” for causing the gulf oil disaster that has been unfolding for over a month. Her logic is that because environmentalists push for tougher drilling regulations onshore in places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (also known as ANWR) it forces oil companies to explore deeper offshore drilling which has more risks. Wow! What logic, Ms Palin. I’m sure it has nothing to do with “drill baby drill” now as you kept saying over and over again. What a ditz. Is anyone listening to her anymore?

Well some more humor to end this week: (From Oh, my Gov and others)

“BP wants Twitter to shut down a fake BP account that is mocking the oil company. In response, Twitter wants BP to shut down the oil leak that’s ruining the ocean.” —Jimmy Fallon

“One of the big gambling Web sites published odds on what species would be the first to become extinct from the oil spill. Unbelievable. You know the odds-on favorite? Democrat.” —Jay Leno

“Earlier today, British Petroleum began this operation known as ‘top kill,’ which comes on the heels of their previous operations, ‘fish kill’ and ‘bird kill.'” —Jay Leno

“Sarah Palin has now weighed in on the gulf oil spill. Finally, the voice of reason. She said that President Obama should grasp the complexity of the situation. Sarah Palin giving advice on complexity. What, was Snooki from ‘Jersey Shore’ unavailable?” —Jay Leno

“The president has vowed to personally lead the investigation into the government’s failed response to The Gulf Oil Spill? Isn’t that a job perhaps someone else should be doing?” –Jon Stewart

“No, not at all, Jon. To truly find out what went wrong, it’s important for an investigator to have a little distance from the situation. And it’s hard to get any more distant from it than the president was last week.” –-”Daily Show” correspondent Samantha Bee

“A new poll found that 43 percent of Americans think President Obama is doing a good job at handling the BP oil spill. Of course, the same poll found that 43 percent of Americans hate pelicans.” –Jimmy Fallon

…and finally, Sir Paul McCartney was awarded the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song during a star-studded ceremony in the White House East Room recently. At the very close of the event after Obama had left the room, McCartney took the mic again and thanked the Library of Congress again for the award. He then said, “After the last eight years, it’s great to have a president who knows what a library is.” — Ouch.

And so it goes…lets hope this “new” tactic by BP helps staunch the oil disaster so that the CEO “can get his life back” I sure hope so, oh and maybe the people along the gulf coast and the birds and marine creatures and maybe the Pensacola beaches…and…and…Have a good weekend Sarah Palin, keep reading.