Drill baby drill on land maybe

A sure cause of brain damage is to watch or listen to right wing TV or radio for extended periods of time. The atmospheric jibber-jabber these people spout that they want to pass for either real news or genuine opinion is poisonous. I don’t know what is motivating the blatant lies and non-sequiturs. Perhaps it is the ethical egoism I talked about on Tuesday but the message is certainly not pushing for America first or American made. The message is mostly damn anything democratic or Obama or not their ideas. The rants remind me of the desperate crook caught in a house surrounded by the cops who yells “You’ll never take me alive, copper.” We all know how those situations turn out. I wonder if we wait long enough the voices will become less shrill because they are definitely not helping.

Speaking of all things “top-kill” the latest fun news from the extremely-angry-for-no-apparent-reason right wing bullies deals with two things, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the recent pirate action by the Israeli commandos on the Turkish mission to Gaza. On both issues, they seem to be missing the point. I think the root cause of their hysteria comes from inhaling the toxins BP is putting in the water to “disperse” the oil (presumably so it can go everywhere).

First, when Eric Holder said he would investigate if there was any wrong doing in the Gulf disaster by the big three, Halliburton, BP and Trans Ocean. This needs to happen along with the clean up. This takes it out of the simple “cap” of $75 million range and tosses it into the arena of other environmental acts passed by Congress such as the “Clean Water Act.” What this does is give the government a little more leeway in fining companies. It just makes sense.

However Varney, Krauthammer and others had to weigh in throwing it back as criticism of the White House’s response. On the June 1 edition of Fox News’ Special Report, Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer commented on Holder’s announcement:

“I think what the attorney general did today is somewhat over the line … I might have missed it but I didn’t hear a syllable about what evidence he has of criminal activity here.”

And later said:

“So they want to make it look like they are doing something, but declaring war on the oil company, at this time, and in a criminal way, I think is really distasteful. It’s not going to help anybody.”

Discussing the (Holder)investigation on the June 1 edition of Fox News’ Hannity, Fox Business host Stuart Varney asked:

“What good does it do to threaten criminal charges to try to ruin British Petroleum? What good does it do?” And later:”All it does is divert attention. You demonize and divert attention from your responsibility.”

What do these two statements say about Fox’s attitude toward (1) this administration and (2) big corporations? I think you’re smart enough to see where their loyalties lie. Is this a good thing? (These are the folks who previously attacked SEC charges against Goldman Sachs, hearings into possible fraud.)

One more word about the Gulf, this time from the always fun to listen to Rep. Michele Bachman who has railed against the Obama administration for being socialist and taking over businesses etc commented on the floor of the House: “The administration, they were hands off. They didn’t do anything. Where were the boats that could have been commandeered by the government to be sent into this region to deal with that oil plume as it was coming up in the water and destroying marine life? Nowhere to be found. Why? The administration was hands off on this policy.”

I guess she feels that the government should be hands off on some things and “commandeer” (read “take over”) on other things. Go figure. Even though there are 3 candidates who have thrown their hats in the ring to challenge her seat. But I am torn between the insane side show she provides and good sane government that her challengers may provide. Meanwhile, Michele could have checked Trans Ocean’s own website where she could have discovered a list of what the government actually did do after the disaster began.

  • Personnel were quickly deployed and nearly 2,000 are currently responding to protect the shoreline and wildlife.
  • More than 100 vessels are responding on site, including skimmers, tugs, barges, and recovery vessels to assist in containment and cleanup efforts–in addition to dozens of aircraft, remotely operated vehicles, and multiple mobile offshore drilling units.
  • Hundreds of thousands of feet of boom (barrier) have been deployed to contain the spill– more than 500,000 feet is available.
  • More than 1 million gallons of an oil-water mix have been recovered.
  • More than 156,000 gallons of dispersant have been deployed–an increase of more than
  • 13,000 gallons since yesterday. An additional 75,000 gallons are available.
  • Seven staging areas (Biloxi, Miss., Pensacola, Fla., Venice, La., Pascagoula, Miss. and Theodore, Ala., Port Fourchon, La., and Port Sulphur, La.) were set up to protect sensitive shorelines.
  • 2,000 volunteers have been trained to assist in the response effort to date–an increase of 1,400 since yesterday.

It’s still is and probably will be a huge disaster for years to come, but lazy, inaccurate and opportunistic comments really don’t help, Michele.

Turning briefly to the dramatic take-over of the Turkish “flotilla” that tried to break the blockade of Gaza. Whatever you think about the night-time raid on the ships in international waters, it was a PR disaster for Israel. Initial reports said that their were guns on the Turkish ships but more recent reports have played down the non-gun cache trying to throw sympathy on the soldiers who were wounded and nary a word about the 9 pro-palestinians who were killed during the raid. Sure it was provocative, but there are so many things wrong with the story that a full investigation is needed.

But who does the right wing media blame? Obama. This head scratcher really goes beyond the pale of explanation and/or understanding. They strained to find ways to blame President Obama for the incident from criticizing his foreign policy to attempting to link him to the Gaza flotilla through Bill Ayers and Jodie Evans. It is a rationale that begs the question WTF.

From the June 1 edition of the Glenn Beck Program:

BECK: The alert now is that Jodie Evans from Code Pink was over in Egypt to deliver humanitarian aid to Hamas-run Gaza, to mark the one-year anniversary of Israel’s response, blah, blah, blah. Also, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, both former terrorists with Weather Underground, also joined her in Cairo. They are connected to the Free Gaza Movement, which is the movement that the ship is involved with.

Beck never met a situation where he didn’t see Nazi’s behind every move. His visions are usually directed to this administration and/or tying the National Socialist Party to foreign events and back to the Obama administration by innuendo. In commenting further about the action off Gaza:

Beck: “Has anyone questioned the hatred that socialists have for Israel or the Jews? National Socialist Workers Party”

The re-working and the unbelievable connections he uses really leave sane individuals with the question, “Does this guy need an intervention?” He cautions parents to “take all of the incorrect history” out of their children and themselves, “replace it with the truth.” (Presumably his version). By the way, isn’t that what the Texas school board just did? Whatever happened to Thomas Jefferson in those books? Oh, that’s right, he wasn’t a Christian. Makes sense.

My caution to you is find out the “real truth.” There is so much crap out there, it maybe really hard to find but it is there. You’re not lazy. You don’t let the right wing hate machine to determine what you think, do you? Of course not. You are intelligent and resourceful. Seek the truth. You will know it when you hear/see it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, find out stuff, balance Fox with CNN, MSNBC, BBC, CBS and NBC. Can you do that? Folks who give over their ability to form opinions to the hate mongers (e.g. Limbaugh, Savage) or the fear mongers (e.g. Beck) are really in danger of serious brain damage. Freedom isn’t free.

…and so it goes…