and lollipops, and rainbows
If I were…the king…of the forest…I would make a few changes to make my forest more perfect. Maybe you have some additions that would make the forest even more perfecter. Here’s a list I’ve been thinking about, a little socialism can go a long way after all freedom isn’t free.

So in a perfect world:

1. Derivatives are illegal until they become regulated and have a transaction tax added

2. The big banks are broken up

3. Hedge funds are illegal (too late for Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland)

4. Money is removed as validation for achievement, success and self-worth

5. We no longer trust corporations and financial entities to “govern themselves.” Like BP and Wall Street

6.Since the Supremes declared them “persons” rogue corporations get the “death penalty” like they did during the first 100 years of the Republic. Assets seized and sold off. We begin with Goldman Sachs.

7. Fannie and Freddie should go back to being solely government agencies.

8. Health insurers are non-profit (includes dental)

9. Public monies are used for political campaigns.

10. Political PACs are prevented from advertising on TV or given to candidates for public office.

11. All political ads are banned from TV.

12. Commercial Networks and local TV stations will provide free air time for debates and political discussions.

13. There are no prescription drugs advertised on TV.

14. Fruit of the Loom Underwear and Wham o Frisbees are made in the USA

15. India is a place to visit not for help with your PC

16. If you spill it, you clean it up.

17. Small plastic water bottles do not exist

18. Privacy returns

19. School lap top cameras have a bell and a light when they are turned on remotely for spying.

20. Rolled turkey and beef is not meat.

21. Reality shows are not.

More later….