Far far away from the “birthers” and the “death-panelists” I was immersed in the world of the Labour Party, the Lib-Dems, and the Conservatives all vying for the chance to become the new leading political party in Britain. Signs were all over the place in Edinburgh when I arrived at the airport on Monday afternoon. But I wasn’t there to observe the election process. I was there for a job interview at the recovery hospital 20 miles south of Edinburgh in the Scottish Borders area.

Castle Craig
In a very peaceful and very bucolic area stands the old five story manor house which is the acute hospital proper. Scattered around the rolling hills are the extended care houses. One couldn’t ask for a more beautiful setting for focusing on recovery from the scourge of addiction than this place.

Although I was out to lunch on Monday evening when I arrived, I was blown away with the welcoming atmosphere I received from not only the staff, but the patients as well. The system works on the tried and true method of 12 step recovery so I felt very comfortable in the environment. The next day when I attended a few group sessions and meetings I got the feeling I was very familiar with the process and felt the fit would work very well. For me, getting up to speed with the routine and the approach would not take very long. I am very familiar with group process as well as charting and figuring out treatment and after care plans.

The patient population was very interesting culturally. Besides the native Scots from Glasgow and Edinburgh the population also included U.S. service men sent for treatment from Germany and a bunch of Dutch people from downtown Holland. Great mix. The groups I was allowed to sit in on were varied with people in different stages of recovery from their addictions.

Now, I need to make a decision that will probably affect my life for the next several years. What makes it hard is not so much leaving the

Dad and Son sleeping at Heathrow
family and familiar surroundings, but wanting to work a full schedule again. I know that sounds whimsy especially in today’s economy, but I did put in 39 years as a teacher and I wonder if I want to work full-time. The work would be familiar, but would also be a lot.

So in the next few days I will discern if this is where the Spirit is moving me. I could do way worse and not too much better with this place and what ultimately makes it a difficult decision is the welcoming feeling I got from the moment I arrived. There is something very Irish about Scotland and being very Irish feels like home.