It's the only one we have
The 40th Anniversary of Earth Day is this week. Hard to imagine a bipartisan celebration has reached middle age. Millions of Americans who didn’t know what “the environment” was in 1969 discovered in 1970 that they were environmentalists. So cool. When I was bitching about my “two bins” from the scavenger company I wasn’t really thinking about the environment, just me and can I handle the sorting of stuff. I guess I should think more in terms of “us” than me. I haven’t been much of a recycler type guy, but I have changed. I haven’t become militant about it, just a quiet understanding of the importance of the action. It’s not some government plot to get me to do something or they will get all Jack Bauerish on me.

When pictures of the earth came back from the moon in 1969, I was stunned at the sheer beauty of creation. With the background of the darkness of space, this beautiful blue ball, swathed in clouds was stunning. Looking out the window at the moon while Armstrong and Aldrin were looking back at us and taking photos was surreal. What a job we have as humans on this planet! We not only are our brother’s keeper (Sorry Glenn), but stewards of this planet we share. I am reminded of Genesis 2:15 where the writer says of humankind,

“The LORD God then took the man and settled him in the garden of Eden, to cultivate and care for it.”

To grow food from the land and to take care of it is what I take away from this passage. So as we regard the sacredness of life so to we regard the sacredness of the planet that sustains that life. It just makes sense all around.

So the separation of the waste is not such a bad thing after all. Imagine if we all were moved by those pictures from space to care for the ship we are on…our only ship.

And so it goes…around and around.