Protesting against a Corporation, Boston

You know, I don’t know why I bother to rant against bigotry and sheer stupidity borne out of ignorance. I wonder why my blood boils when I hear folks take as Gospel an outright lie or fabricated conspiracy spewed by right-wing media. I mean these guys own the airwaves on the A.M. radio dial, have a huge following on cable television and yet use these pulpits to say the most vile, unpatriotic and self-serving crap to a waiting audience. They really are the mainstream media that they hate so much. Maybe that’s it! Maybe there is such self-loathing that it dribbles down to the audience. The audience? People who are too lazy to find out the truth. So why rant? There is something deep within that can hold it’s tongue for a while until the pressure builds up and I have to call them on their stuff. Now, the right is whining that the “spitting” incidents on the Black members of congress and the offensive name-calling and Hitler-esque-socialism-communism signs of the Tea Party protest of the health care bill are no more incendiary as anything from the left during the Bush administration. The right was protesting Health Care Reform and during the Bush administration the left was protesting entrance into an unnecessary-war-over-WMD-with-enough-documentation-to-have-a-reasonable-doubt invasion of Iraq which as claimed 4000+ lives. Health Care vs a War? Pulllleeeeezze. The protest of the last 8 years was against illegal wire-tapping of it’s citizens, torture, total disregard for treaties, oh yeah, I forgot, an erosion of civil liberties for which the blood of 2 centuries was spent protecting. Obama is Hitler because of Health Care? I’m confused. As if we needed more, this is just another example of how Fox News, especially Glenn Beck, can cause intelligence and logic to instantly fall out of sheep heads straight through the ears.

Boston Harbor

There should be a warning label on the Fox channel. Something like, “Yeah we say we are ‘fair and ‘balanced’ but there are side affects, like jello-izing of the thinking part of the brain, swelling of the ego and extreme bouts of flatulence that can be put on a sign. They are the main-stream media as they define their ratings. I don’t mind a good discussion based on facts even when I disagree with the other’s premise and interpretations based on real facts. What I don’t, or cannot tolerate for any length of time are out-right lies and misrepresentations gleaned from some suspicious source. When this happens sometimes I make generalizations, painting with a broad brush. I am working on this personality defect. However when I hear false clap-trap over and over again, I can’t, or rather won’t, sit back. I should know when to hold them and know when to fold them, but,alas, I am Irish and have a threshold for B.S.. Sometimes, although rarely, when I can use logic and verifiable facts, I can convert the unenlightened. That’s not a win, that is evangelization, curing the blind by removing the scales from their eyes.

So you protesters of freakin’ Health Care (or Obamacare if you want) ratchet down the heat or stop it all together! Stop it now! It bothers me when people wrap themselves in the flag (gun on hip) to spout irrational hatred and call it patriotism. If they hate socialism so much, decry Social Security, decry Medicare, decry disability insurance, decry a military which keeps us safe. Just stop it.
Below are some of the more colorful signs that have shown up at Tea Party rallies:

Obama’s Plan – White Slavery (so many undertones there’s not enough space)
The FED caused the economic crisis (not sure what this means except the removal of regulations from the banking industry, begun during the Reagan years)
The American Taxpayers are the Jews for Obama’s Ovens (poor taste? Lack of history? Antisemitism? I don’t get it)
Our Tax $ given to Hamas to Kill Christians, Jews and Americans. Thanks Mr. O (This makes no sense)
No Taxes. Obama loves taxes. Bankrupt USA. Loves Baby Killing (a veritable potpourri of nonsense crap)
Barack Hussein Obama-The New Face of Hitler (Michael Savage-ism?)
Cartoon of Obama Cutting Uncle Sam’s Throat (white people are really really afraid)
Guns Tomorrow (male compensation?)
Obama Supports: Abortion, Sodomy, Socialism and the New World Order (Didn’t George Bush the first talk about the New World Order except for the sodomy part, I think?)
Obama was Not bowing, he was sucking Saudi Jewels (I guess the sign painter was jealous and maybe a little lonely)

Unlike the Boston Tea Party which railed against a state sanctioned corporation, East India Company, we now have a representative government that is messy, but it’s uniquely ours. It is not a democracy but a republic and although we may disagree with some of the decisions that come from a representative government, and even a Supreme Court we can and should peacefully protest the decisions, vote to make changes in our representatives and try again. Hostility will never, ever win the day. Check history. The toxicity that exists today reminds me of another era in our history where protest divided the country, that was during the Vietnam era. That was over a war. The insanity that exists today is over Health Care. We are strogest when we are united for something, not against it.