I know you are

As a political junkie this has been a great week for observing and listening and of course, commenting. We started off the week on Sunday with the Health Insurance Reform Act debate. I’m not sure if any one was swayed on either side by the arguments raised, I surely wasn’t it was nothing I haven’t heard before. Of course, John Boehner’s (R-OH) (when two vowels go walking the first one does the talking, Boehner) final impassioned rant of “No you can’t” while clever in its play on “Yes we can” of the campaign, sounded a little hollow and desperate the only thing missing was tears. Reminded me of Pee-Wee Herman (before his “difficulties”) who responded to name calling by saying, “I know you are but what am I? I know you are but what am I? I know you are but what am I?” He focused on process rather than substance yet again. This seems to be the modus operandi of the Republican Party so it really wasn’t anything new nor did it add to the discussion of the bill. I’m sorry he didn’t rise to the occasion to talk substance about the year long protests at Town Halls and comments made on the floor of the House as well as in the Gallery that very afternoon. Instead, urged on by the actions of the Republicans clapping for the demonstrators in the gallery and egging on the protesters from a balcony of the Capitol building he demonstrated their impotent strategy. Just say “no!” Well long-story short, the strategy of “No you can’t” did not work and it has turned into “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

The rest of the week was filled with stories of brick throwing, bullets being fired at party offices (Both Republican and Democrat) very nasty name-calling and even worse phone messages. By painting the President as a Kenyan-born-Nazi-socialist with a touch of the anti-Christ thrown in for good measure, how in the hell will Republican lawmakers work on future legislation with the President? Their base will go ballistic, literally. That’s what I am concerned (not afraid of) about. The Dems had to overcome divisions in their own house, some good deals and some not so good deals were made. But they came together when the time demanded. Yesterday after vowing to add amendment after amendment to the reconciliation bill, the Republicans rolled over and played very dead. It was like they lost their will to fight. Good for the country, not so good for them.

Not towing the party line has it’s downside as well. David Frum the former Bush speech writer called last Sunday’s no vote, “the Republican Waterloo.” He also went on to say that he thought Fox News worked for the Republican Party (nothing new here, it’s obvious) but now he thinks the Republican Party works for Fox News. Well yesterday, and I can only imagine because of his statements, he was fired from his position at the American Enterprise Institute, a right wing organization. I guess free speech and speaking your mind about the truth can cost a great deal. I don’t usually do this but I wish David Frum well. Dave, it has to get better. His predicament reminds me of another Republican, Bruce Bartlett, who was fired from the right wing think tank called the National Center for Policy Analysis in 2005 for writing a book critical of George W. Bush’s policies, especially his support for Medicare Part D. The shunning begins for David Frum and continues for Bartlett.

Sometimes a strategy works and sometimes it doesn’t. In the last few months the Republicans refused to heed the call for compromise and cooperation and it ultimately came down around their ears. I don’t blame the President if he doesn’t invite the Republicans to play any reindeer games in the future. Although I know that he is a decent man, so he’ll send out the invitations anyway. More of this kind of action is needed. Now is the time for the grownups to take over. At last count the House and the Senate have a majority of Dems still alive and kicking, and after this week, energized. Time to get stuff done.

Is Rush still on the air? I thought he would be on a plane to Costa Rica where I hear they have wonderful socialized medicine. He did say that he was going to leave the country if the Health Care Bill passed didn’t he? He wanted so much for Obama to fail didn’t he. Anyone want to help him pack his 3 huge suitcases, one for his OxyContin, one for his cigars and one for his ego (although I think the last one could fit into a carry-on).

So we come to Friday. Where are we? More protests? Gas-line cuttings? Death threats? IS this what Armageddon looks like? Is the anti-christ about to make an appearance and all us evil progressives will be left behind?

Below is a list of Anti-Christ-Hitleresque Candidates…which one is the best??

  • Hitler-(who put him on this list-a ringer)
  • Saddam Hussein- (WMD make him a hot property)
  • Barack Hussein Obama-(Fits the profile…well that’s what the signs say anyway. And of course his middle name)
  • Marylin Manson-(Ms or Mr?)
  • Charles Manson-(Cool eyes and swastika in his forehead)
  • Prince Charles-(just because he’s English)
  • Joe-you-lie-Wilson-(Threw him in because he’s from South Carolina-‘nuf said)
  • Glenn Beck-(crazy enough to be a beast)
  • Rachel Maddow-(Very very smart…waaay too smart)
  • Rush Limbaugh-(Big enough to be two anti-Christs)
  • Michael Savage-(sorry, I forgot, he is one of the seven heads of the beastie already)
  • Judas-(Ringer)
  • The Crusades- (Just to bug the Muslim world)
  • Keith Olbermann-(makes too much sense)
  • Osama bin Laden-(nah, not a bad enough Christian)
  • Jim Jones-(Sounded smooth and makes Kool Aid- Oh yeah!)
  • David Koresh-(Lived the part)
  • Michael Moore-(Just because)
  • Sean Penn- (a Villain for all the wrong reasons like being a humanitarian)
  • Pope Lucius III (who started the inquisitions-(Pick #1))
  • Sixtus IV  (Spanish inquisition starter guy)-(Pick #2)
  • any pope-(Picks #3 thru #243)

So while we wait for the end times to take us away, there is still much work to be done in this country. You up for it? Don’t mind that guy over there, yeah the one who has the tan in the middle of Winter, he’s still talking to himself saying “Hell No You Can’t.” He’s waiting for the rapture. Meanwhile, I’ll see you Monday.