Elite Boston, Where the Real Party Began

The weather here has been balmy the last few days giving one hope that the Winter is having it’s last gasp. Surfers are biking up and down the street in front of our house going to and from the beach a block away. More light. Longer days…and the crazies are starting to bloom…right there in the rock garden. In my previous article about the make-up of the so-called Tea Party movement, “Out of the woodwork comes Michael Johns, a board member of the National Tea Party Coalition on who else FoxNews.com complaining that “The Tea Party movement has been very reflective of broad concerns of all Americans. Membership is across ethnic, religious and even political lines.”

Which brings up an interesting point, where are the ethnic people of color? I may be not looking hard enough but the members of the TP movement seem like a bunch of very white, spoiled baby boomers who are frightened because history is moving on without them. (Thanks Christian Finnegan) I don’t see angry black guys (or gals) or angry Asian guys, or angry Hispanic guys or even angry gay guys shaking their fists.”

My friend Kevin, a student at Boston College, wrote a piece in the opinion section of the Marin Independent Journal about the Tea Party Movement. In his article he carefully laid out his take on the movement in general and some of their beefs in particular.

As he wrote in his piece:

The movement appears fueled by a strong personal hatred of President Obama based largely on racism and ignorance. An article entitled “Angry white men” from the Economist’s Lexington Blog makes the point that alongside racism within the Tea Party movement, blue collar white men seem to be the angriest. That demographic’s unemployment rate of 10.3 percent may in fact be the very cause of their anger because as the article suggests, “those who can no longer provide for their families feel emasculated.” These white men also vote overwhelmingly Republican, but the incredible irony is that the anger over unemployment by the Tea Party movement is largely directed at President Obama when in fact it is the obstructionist Republican Party that has refused to allow the president to enact more aggressive measures to reduce unemployment.

This specifically unleashed the hounds of response from those folks who took righteous exception to his characterizations:

what a peevish grouser,his diaper obviously needs changing…sophmore? (sic), so what he’s like 20? there should be a law against children writing state sponsored propoganda (sic)

This type of response usually comes from not having a coherent rebuttal argument and from a more predictable visceral place. This possibly explains the ignorance to which Kevin alludes. Of course it is much easier to attack a messenger who carries bad news, than to discuss the bad news.

Here is a clip (promoted by a liberal organization) of a warm response/confrontation between the White TP and a person suffering from Parkinson’s disease seeking affordable health care. It speaks for itself.

I was thinking of jumping on the bandwagon and try and respond to some of the more colorful comments Kevin got from his article, but I’m getting tried of it. When people quote Limbaugh as a voice of sanity, I have to shake my head and change the subject. It’s similar to trying to convince a fundamentalist that the six-day creation account in Genesis may have been a metaphor. I am hopeful that the TP can do something useful and productive as a movement in the future beyond the yelling and shouting of real sore losers. Within any decade there is always a movement of “Throw the Bums Out!” as a rallying cry for people who feel that they have been taken to the cleaners. But as history shows, old bums leave and new bums take their places. Maybe we need to rehabilitate the system that turns good people into bums.