Things I found in My Junk eMail

If you are like me who joins newsgroups or forums and the like or have one or more websites to manage, risk the danger of having your email harvested for a phishing scam like asking you to click on a link so you can re-set your Facebook or PayPal password. These usually come with an attachment when opened sets a virus to work sucking up all the data from your hard drive’s data base. Not to brag, but I am usually on a Mac and thus am almost immune to the worms and Trojans that are emailed to me. Just to be sure, I trash ’em. Good advice to anyone who gets these types of email. The most recent of the attachment emails has to do with updating Microsoft’s Office suite. I can only tell you, don’t open it, trash it now.

Spam in your mailbox

As time goes on, these scams become more clever. I have received many “resets” for PayPal over the last year. When I click on the link and go to the phony website, I cannot tell the difference right off. It looks legit. Same layout, logos etc. It is only noticeable when I read the address in the browser window. No way is it PayPal. My wife recently received an email telling her to reset her FaceBook password. It looked OK she thought so she did, it asked for her “old password” first then told her to create a new one. Once this was done and she was told to log into the ‘real’ Facebook she was immediately locked out of her FB account. The scammer was someone, without a life, who want to mess with people. The individual then took advantage of my wife’s friend list to write a bogus letter asking for money, in cash. In the letter it said that she was stranded at Heathrow Airport outside of London, and lost her wallet. The story was so outlandish that her friends started calling the house. That’s when she realized what had happened. She then contacted Facebook and canceled her account. She subsequently created a new account and is a bit more careful to respond to emails. It didn’t cause much damage, just a lot of headaches. So if you get one of those emails, check the address in the window. PayPal is always looking for phonies and they even have a page on the real website which allows you to report fraud. They take it from there. I have reported this several times, and PayPal usually responds validating the submission. In other words I get a legitimate email from them thanking me for the reportage. All well and good…but what about junk that flows into your mail box without any return email, or a bogus return email. I have a filter but many many many emails get through. Sometimes upwards of 75 an hour. Enough of these junk emails and my mail server can be overloaded and just quit. I am at a loss as to what to do, since I really can’t report them to anyone. I suppose I can do a search on which mail server they were sent from, but that would take forever considering the amount of junk I get daily into my mailbox. What a waste of band width.

Gone Phishing

Since this is take-out-the-trash-day, I thought I’d share with you some of the stuff I got, just in the last few hours or minutes or even as we speak in my junk mail:

  • From Viagra Shop – message: “visit our shop today” + link to a website in Russia.
  • (This is insulting because I don’t need viagra.) (sorry that was a visual you really didn’t need to run in your head)

  • From Julianx Vincenty – message: “Hot FFM Threesome BJ” etc…. Link added,to visit a website in Romania.
  • (maybe if I needed viagra, this would be tempting, but a threesome would require vitamins, lots of them and besides that, Julianx, I am not a vampire)

  • From peans – message: I need necessary advice from qualified doctors. rs behind piroshki about pork chop barely moldy Acceptable supportive treatment ruffians necromancer or haunches […]
  • (I have no clue what this is about)

  • From patao_navi – message: tfedx.”|”BOFXKBXPFCYOCPeayca for scythe from ball bearingnon-chalantly load bearing taxidermists toothpick We provide free atenatal clinic because dilettantes […]
  • (I’m thinking this may be from some guy who likes either to stuff animals or who likes stuffed animals)

  • From: Angelina Starks – message – Your performance in bed defines you. + a link to a discount drug site.
  • (I usually sleep so that is a better definition of who I am, Angelina)

  • There were lots of emails that announced “Hot action with______” (you fill in the blank)
  • (at my age, hot action is soup.)

  • Another from my good buddy peans – message – behind related to abstraction secretly irreconcilable Everything for your health clodhoppers tornado and waifs
  • (There is a link in here but the rest of the statement is in code. And I have a headache so I cannot play secret agent man…but it is almost poetry)

I suppose there are sites out there that can protect my “brand” and what not but I don’t have the where with all to pay them to do it. There was a time, not long ago when I actually got excited to get email. Now, I face the junk pile which only gets bigger by the minute.

As I was writing this, I just got slammed with another email offering cut-rate Vicodin and other “pain relieving” goodies…maybe just this once…

Be good…see you Monday.

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