Have you checked out “Keep America Safe” recently? By now you’ve probably heard of Liz Cheney’s video alluding to the fact that the DOJ (Department of Justice) lawyers representing suspected terrorists may have ulterior motives they maybe even terrorist sympathizers. Department of Jihad is one graphic that appears in the video. Calling the lawyers the Al Qaeda 7 I think not only goes over the line but borders on insanity, right up there with the ideas of the mentally challenged Glenn Beck and, of course, the unfortunate Rush Limbaugh. (I don’t lump Michael Savage in this group, because he is irrelevant)

The discourse from her designated (undisclosed location) area of the right-wing fringe has become so toxic that it is beginning to receive push back from some of the more sane members of that very same opposition. It is like the Donner Party all over again.

“It (her premise) could be worse than some of the assertions made by McCarthy, depending on some of the validity of those assertions,Paul Mirengoff said, explaining that at least McCarthy was correct in pinpointing individuals as communist sympathizers. “It is just baseless to suggest that [these DoJ officials] share al Qaeda values… they didn’t actually say it but I think it was a fair implication of what they were saying.

Even Ken Starr, Dean of Pepperdine’s School of Law and former special prosecutor who during the Clinton administration told us all we needed to know (and a bit more) about blue dresses, and special rooms in the White House and cigars and stuff said this about Ms. Liz on Countdown:
Starr called such DOJ work

in the finest traditions of the country.” He noted that American founder and president John Adams “represented the British redcoats who were accused of the Boston Massacre – and he successfully defended seven of the British troops who were accused of these crimes.”

Liz the Hatter at the T-Party

Cheney is an embarrassment to every thinking person. I wonder if she (and by extension, her father) feels so helpless that everything she says resembles the words of the frustrated kid who gets cut from the team even though the kids chosen for the team seem less talented to her. When Liz Cheney instills the very effective fear factor tactic that worked so well for the Republicans during the last administration it is like giving aid and comfort to the enemy. By spouting off, she is sending a very clear message to those who would do us harm that there is disarray in the Justice Department, that the fabric of this country stitched together by its laws has been compromised. They don’t have to do anything, Liz is doing their job. She epitomizes everything irrational about some of the selfish aspects of the Tea-Party movement.

Her small, but loud Keep America Safe folks know how to prey on people’s worst fears and prejudices. I know KAS attacked Neal Katyal, a Georgetown law professor and now Deputy Solicitor General who argued successfully in convincing a conservative Supreme Court that the Bush administration’s military commissions were unconstitutional. This, Ms. Liz believed, was antithetical to American values. I’m not sure where she came up with this idea except to think that the idea of military commissions came from her father. Her DOJ values argument is odd when one reads a 2007 article written by Bush administration Solicitor General Ted Olson in which he specifically stood up for those detainees’ defense lawyers, saying they represented the best of American values and were the real patriots. What do you stand for Liz? Shall we give over our precious liberties out of fear in return for safety to those “who know better?” Been there, done that, it’s called the Patriot Act. The “fear” response is when we knee-jerk ourselves into creating laws without looking at the big picture. This “the sky is falling” rhetoric invites people to make very stupid decisions that begin the erosion of our precious civil liberties so hard fought for two war-filled centuries. When those liberties go, Liz, the terrorists will have accomplished their objective.

Liz, your comments and your videos are not helping. As Mitch McConnell said on Sunday, “The comments are not constructive.” They are actually hurting any dialogue. And while not “yelling ‘fire’ in a theatre” your comments come real close to that line. May I suggest to you and to the loons that populate the radical-fringe right, oppose all you want, but also offer constructive suggestions beyond “status quo” to move the conversation forward. Liz, I know you have sent this distraction so we are forced to look away for a moment from the DOJ’s probe into your father’s role in the development of illegal policies that authorized torture, but remember, for most American’s this is short attention span theatre and we will return to grown up stuff shortly and, hopefully,we do so before the mid-terms, meanwhile maybe you and your dad can go hunting together in Wyoming, you know a bonding thing. Oh yeah, and watch out.