Well I was able to pull off the surprise yesterday in spite of a nosey wife who is soooo hard to fool. Here was the plan, stan, Kathy and I booked a room in Old Town Sacramento to quietly celebrate her 60th birthday, she didn’t want anything big, she

Sarah at the sumptious manager's reception
wanted this birthday to pass quietly, yeah right! Well I followed her wishes and then added a few wrinkles. Sarah, my daughter living in Portland Oregon, was going to fly into SFO and Sean was going to pick her up at the airport then the two of them would drive up to the hotel and surprise her. I had already booked them a room. Then add Sarah’s friend who wanted to come down also, no problemo the more the merrier. But his flight from Portland would land in Oakland, via a two hour lay over in Phoenix (go figure). So Sarah was picked up late At San Francisco International and her friend had to wait another two hours at the Oakland Airport until Sarah and Sean jammed across the bay to pick him up. A little late, but so far so good.

Knowing that Sarah drives like a taxi driver, I knew they would make it to Sacramento by four. So all was good. I think I was able to pull the “surprise” off although she knew something was up she was extremely happy to see her daughter. I am just glad that’s over so we can hang out and allow Sarah and I to pick on Kathy. I think she likes that. Sarah gave her a “spa day” today, Friday which turns out, was the right gift.

Our room overlooks the river and the Steel Bridge and is way out of our league, but it’s worth it. You only turn sixty once. This hotel has a “manager’s reception” every night and last night was no exception. Although the exception had bar food rather than food food. You know things like pretzels and Goldfish and vegetables for dipping. That was a bit disappointing since I

Sean and the Birthday Girl
remember the same chain in Portland at least having meatballs and popcorn. I was hungry so I got some French onion soup. Have you ever had French onion soup in an actual onion? Something similar to a bread bowl but it was an onion. It was a meal. Since I was the only one eating or souping, we decided to go the Rio Dell for some real food. It was great, the service took a while, but the food was good. Great conversation about changing diapers, which Sean does three days a week at the day care where he works. The conversation then descended into talk about constipation and how our two kids handled that when they were toddlers. In other words, it was a typical Hanley conversation. No matter if we are talking about the stars or Padre Pio, the chatter always descends into poop talk. It’s so sad.

This afternoon I’ll drive to Loomis and pick up the grandkids so they can come back to the hotel to swim and hang out. That should be muy cool I think. But for now, I think I’ll head down to the lobby and grab the free breakfast and maybe the conversation will stay above bodily functions.

See you Monday.