You say Tsunami and I say tidal wave. Are we giving up American for Japanese? Tidal waves are American! Let’s call them what they are. The farther West, beyond the 12 mile limit, you go in the Pacific, then you can change the name. We invented it and we don’t need to outsource the name and have it translated. Is this just another socialist grab by Barrack Hussein Obama and Nancy Pelosi? (Two obvious foreigners, Obama from Kenya and Pelosi from that alien country called ‘Frisco’) Everyone in the world should speak English and call the wave what it is,tidal. (The Japanese translation of tsunami is “harbor wave.” How hard would it be to substitute tidal for habor, for godssake) And yes Japan has a bunch of them, blah blah blah. But the wave affects the tidal waters thing so should be called “tidal” I’m just saying’. And what’s with the non-pronunciation of the “t” anyway? It’s right up there with gnome. Everyone knows you pronounce gnome, gah-nome. Sheesh! Why am I the only one who talks about these important cultural things? Wake up people! Your American language is being shipped out of this country!

Just another surf day

Well I went down to the beach to watch the big event after the earthquake in Chile. I was expecting it to bring devastation to Highway 1. What a non-starter. Barracades kept cars from parking in the surfer parking lot but that didn’t keep people off the beach. Down the coast in Half Moon Bay, people were even surfing next to a big sign saying, “Dangerous Surf. Keep off the beach.” Guess they were them foreigners who can’t read the English words thing.

Although the surges of 3 feet or so blew by me very quickly I did notice that the waves were coming in from the south around 1.30 p.m. Saturday and by 4p.m. they were coming from the North West. So maybe there was something going on. I know from history that HMB was hit with a tidal wave in 1947 because I looked it up. An earthquake off the Aleutian Islands of Alaska spawned waves ten to fourteen feet in height that destroyed boats and buildings in Princeton. Now that’s an American tidal wave! The one we got on Saturday was imported from South America someplace. I bet the socialist government in Washington allowed them into the country illegally.

I am tired of using ‘inclusive’ language like “tsunami” to explain what happens to us. Who decided that Tsunami would be the word? Well if we are going to defer to those harbor waves folks, then I think we should translate our word “crap” into Japanese and replace it with, oh I don’t know…lemme think…oh yeah… Toyota.