I should be more somber about what is happening to the Republican Party these days, but it is kinda fun to watch them devour themselves. Rush Limbaugh literally back tracked on his criticism of Glenn Beck after a LOL (the real little old lady) called in to chastise Rush for talking smack about Beck. Of course when Rush is called on his stuff he backs off but blames the listeners for misunderstanding his mind. I guess when words form in his gargantuan melon and then make it out of his mouth something happens between his mouth and the listener’s ears. This happens a lot, not just with Rush, but with a bunch of politicians. Don’t they know that this is the era of YouTube and the DVR?

What's for Dinner, Ma?

Then there’s the newly minted Senator Scott, a professional lawyer and former male model, who voted with the Dems on the jobs bill yesterday. Oh my God! You would have thought that Al Qaeda made an appearance on the Senate floor. The obscenities scribbled (probably in crayon) on Scott’s website seemed to address his apparent independence from the party of ‘no’ he is a traitor for want of a better word. I guess he did not pass the purity check list of the tea-party who claim to have elected him to the Senate from Massachusetts and from Republicans whom he irritated by having the audacity to vote in the best interest of the American people. Wow, imagine that.

Then there is the story of Beck, who does have a following, who made a rambling and self-serving presentation at CPAC last week. I couldn’t make sense out of it, and watching the presentation the only thought that ran through my mind is, “this guy is nuts.” People in recovery (I speak from experience) tend to try and sell the 12 step message to anyone who will listen, even when they don’t want to listen. To the untrained, he just sounded like bat shite. So with no unifying message from the right and no real banner carrier spokesperson, the field is wide open for a self-banquet. The tea-party-ites are not concerned about jobs because they all have jobs making swastika signs and photoshop signs portraying Obama as a jungle chief and the “Joker.” By the way, the Republican Party will never ever allow the tea-party to evolve into a third party. It’s just not going to happen. So what do they do? There are cracks in the veneers of the staunch people of the “no.” They must eat them. That is the only alternative.

I wonder why the Republican party (which is no way the same party that Lincoln belonged to) likes to march in lock step sounding like the Nationalist Socialist Party in the ’30s. I also wonder if, like the history of National Socialism, it will crumble. Hopefully today’s Health Care meeting will be a positive and un-lock-step exercise, although some Republican’s are concerned about how the meeting will “look.” The GOP insisted that President Obama not get a podium. Then they insisted that he couldn’t sit at the head of a U-shaped table. (Last time a table discussion happened was during the peace talks in Paris when the North Vietnamese demanded an oval shaped table before they sat down) The Republicans have put more thought into what the decor at the health care summit should be than they’ve put into healthcare reform itself.

The Big Tent party is getting smaller and smaller and if you shove Rush Limbaugh in there, there’s not much room for anyone else, let alone Glenn Beck.

I think things are coming to a head. The tea-party’s agenda is all over the place and the Republicans, who are rudderless themselves, are a little uneasy with the TP afraid that they will actually form a new political party. The grey-heads will not let this happen. But the “reconciliation” will be interesting political dinner theatre.