♪♬ I’m sorry so so sorry…I have sinned, sweet Jesus. ♪♬ I am who I am so I don’t have to follow the rules. I am entitled. That was the big message that came out of the non-news conference, news conference last Friday from Tiger Woods. It was the message of entitlement that caught me. So following that logic, simply because I am a big star, or president or governor or head pastor-preacher or even congressman, the rules of ethical behavior, let alone moral behavior, do not apply to me, at least until I get caught. Entitled.

Fore, I mean 13

It is such an interesting admission, probably one of the more honest admissions of “indiscretion” (in this case discretion times more than a dozen) I have heard in recent history. The idea that, because I have some sort of celebrity or status, I can do pretty much what the hell I want, doesn’t boggle the mind, but the sheer admission of it, in all its banality is kind of refreshing. We have all believed that the action had something to do with entitlement but never really heard it from some one who has been caught with their proverbial pants down, either in Argentina, or a hotel room on the PGA Tour.

I don’t know about you, but when politicians say stupid things, they sometimes come out and give us a left-handed apology like “I would like to apologize to those whom I have offended with my words…” yadda yadda yadda, as if you were offended, it’s your fault for being offended. Real apology comes from an action/words that have actually wrong someone else. In the case of sins, the person sinned against. In the case of public figures, the audience or the crowds or the groupies or the worshipers or the fans. I have to give Woods credit for calling it like it really is and wish others would take this admission of the truth to heart. No excuses no slight shifting of the blame. Take the responsibility.

“Presume good will” is what Ignatius Loyola teaches us about people and their actions and, although how the mighty have fallen in the case of Tiger Woods, I need to presume good will on his part that his apology is genuine and not motivated by any gain. I will leave it at that. Even though the wall-to-wall coverage on the cable news channels was a bit overboard most notably the word-parsing that took place afterward I am going to take his words at face value. Enough. Although sometimes we hold celebrities to a higher standard, we love it when they fall off the pedestal we put them on…and perpetuate the fall over and over and over again and glue ourselves to the TV hoping to see the tear.

If anything was disturbing and a little bit unfortunate was the attendance in the press conference’s audience was the presence of Brian Bell, Tiger Woods’ assistant who enabled Woods to cruise along with mistress after mistress by booking airplane tickets and hotel rooms for them. Perhaps Woods needed to acknowledge that even though he felt “entitled” there were people, like Bell who helped him perpetuate the myth.